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Co-Curricular Record (CCR) 

Get Involved and Be Recognized!

Grades cannot represent everything students learn during their post-secondary experience. Concordia University of Edmonton’s Co-curricular Record (CCR) was developed to provide students with official documentation to recognize their co-curricular achievements to prospective employers and graduate schools.

The Co-Curricular Record is a great opportunity for you to showcase your extra-curricular activities, leadership abilities, professional development, and much more.

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Criteria for Experiences in CCR

  • The experience must be affiliated with the University
  • The experience must connect to one or more of the outlined competencies
  • The student must be an active participant in the experience
  • An authorized CUE employee must be able to validate the experience
  • Students do not receive any academic credit for participating in the experience

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CCR?

The CCR is Concordia University of Edmonton’s official document that recognizes student’s extracurricular experiences.

Is the CCR mandatory?

No, it not mandatory.

How do I add an experience to the database?

You can submit experiences that aren’t currently in the database to studentlife@concordia.ab.ca to activate an approval process. If the experience meets all relevant criteria it will be added and the database will continue to grow.

What are the competencies?

The competencies are the skills you acquired while participating in each experience. When an experience is added to your CCR, you can select up to three competencies per experience. Choose the competencies you feel you have developed the most for each particular experience. Ensure you choose the competencies carefully, as you will need to be able to discuss how the experience you were involved in helped you to grow in the areas you selected to the potential employer or graduate school you are submitting your CCR to.

How do I create my CCR?

You will need to download the app – CUE Involved. Refer to A Guide To Using the CCR on the CUE Involved App for step-by-step instructions on how to get started!

Who can I contact with questions about the CCR?

If you have any questions about the CCR, please contact Student Life at studentlife@concordia.ab.ca.