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Custodial Services

First impressions are typically lasting ones. This is true both when you meet someone new and for buildings. Whether your first impression is good or bad, it will be difficult to change that opinion later.

Custodial Services retains an in-house team of trained Technicians who provide service to all buildings on campus. Each day, our team works diligently to keep our campus clean for the enjoyment of our staff, students, faculty, and visitors.

During the day, our team takes care of cleaning duties such as washroom checks, spot-cleaning and restocking dispensers. Our daytime crew continually circulates through our buildings and responds to your immediate custodial needs during our buildings’ regular operational hours, including spills, litter clean-up, trash and debris removal.

The overnight team completes tasks that would be disruptive during regular operational hours, such as vacuuming, mopping and floor polishing.

Cleaning for conferences, functions, and project cleaning that cannot be accommodated within regular working hours or scheduled timelines are available and may be charged to the requesting department.

If you see something that needs our attention, please email custodial@concordia.ab.ca. Tell us what and where the problem is, and we’ll take care of it!

For urgent requests, please contact:

Normal Business Hours

  • Andrew Sterne – (780) 479-9311
  • Beverly Wainwright – (780) 491-6880
  • Plant Ops – (780) 479-9340

After Hours & On Weekends

  • Concordia Security – (780) 479-8761