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Internal Research Grants

In this highly competitive world, investigators are frequently restricted to conducting the research activities for which they have funding. At CUE, we support our faculty and students by providing internal grants for research activities, including knowledge creation and dissemination.

The Internal Research Grant fund is administered by the Asst. Vice-President Research, and is approved by the Board of Governors. In the last few years, we have established major funding streams for projects (Seed) and dissemination (Impact) for CUE faculty members, and have also created the Student Research Grants, for both undergraduate and graduate CUE students. However, we are aware that research is never static; accordingly, we are continuously evolving these streams and creating new ones as needed. Of particular relevance are the Special Calls for Research Projects, under which we successfully held a competition in May 2020, to fund projects that allowed us to better comprehend and manage the COVID-19 pandemic.

Adjudication of Internal Research Grants is achieved with the strong support and collaboration of the Research and Faculty Development Committee.