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University Secretariat

The University Secretariat, under the direction of the University Secretary, is the administrative office responsible for ensuring the effective and efficient operation of Concordia University of Edmonton’s bi-cameral system of governance. The University Secretariat provides support and guidance to the governing bodies, their standing and ad-hoc committees and to senior university officers on all governance, policy and operational issues that might affect the institution. It also serves as a repository for information on all matters relating to these bodies maintaining the institutional memory on matters relating to policy and procedure.

The Office of the University Secretariat is responsible to the Board of Governors through the President for the exercise of power and duties pertaining to university governance. The Secretariat provides administrative support for the board and its subcommittees to enable them to carrying out their duties effectively.

The University Secretariat serves as the link between university administration and its governing bodies, coordinating information among these groups and enacting the decisions of the Board. In this capacity, the office upholds the integrity of the university’s governance and works with the Board to develop sound governance policy. The University Secretariat is responsible for coordinating and facilitating the work of the Board of Governors, the General Faculties Council and their standing and ad-hoc committees, as well as providing administrative, advisory and secretarial support. The University Secretariat is a source of information, advice and guidance on matters of jurisdiction, strategy, policy and process to all members of the Concordia University of Edmonton community. The University Secretariat also has primary responsibility for the administration of PIPA (Personal Information Protection Act) and privacy related matters.

Judy Kruse
University Secretary