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Used Book Market

Fall 2022 Used Book Market


Tuesday, September 6 — Wednesday, September 14, 2022


Tables will be set up with sign-up sheets in the Tegler Mezzanine.

About the Event

The student-led used book marketplace is organized at the start of Fall and Winter semesters for students to buy and sell their used textbooks. The CSA organizes this book sale with the support of Student Life & Learning.

Tables will be set up and listing pages will be provided for students to advertise textbooks they may want to sell. Listings will be identified by

  • Which class/course the textbook is for
  • Textbook title and edition
  • Price of the book
  • Contact information

All pages will be organized in alphabetical order by the name of each program.

For More Information

For more information, please contact the CSA at csavpstudentlife@student.concordia.ab.ca or Student Life & Learning at studentlife@concordia.ab.ca.