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Research & Faculty Development Committee

The Research & Faculty Development Committee (RFDC) is part of the university’s General Faculties Council (GFC).

One of the main roles of the RFDC is to adjudicate research-related awards.

What is the RFDC?

  • The RFDC is composed of GFC-elected members from each of the five Faculties at Concordia University of Edmonton (CUE).
  • The Vice-President Academic & Provost is the Chair of the RFDC.
  • The Associate Vice-President Research serves as Co-Chair.
  • Representatives of the BMO-CIAR, the Research Ethics Board, and the Office of Research and Innovation serve as advisory, non-voting members.

In which processes does the RFDC participate?

The RFDC provides advice on many research-related matters, including:

  • adjudication of Internal Research Grant applications,
  • adjudication of Student Research Grant applications,
  • adjudication of Reduction in Teaching for Research Purposes Award applications,
  • adjudication of Sabbatical Leave applications,
  • policies, procedures, and guidelines related to research, and
  • performance reviews of Research Institutes, Centres, and Clusters.