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A world of possibilities

With a world full of possibilities, we are thrilled when Concordia University of Edmonton is considered as your university of choice to continue your studies.

We are a university with a strong sense of community and a big heart. We are highly regarded in Canada for excellence in teaching, in our services for students, and in our unique niche programs. Concordia University of Edmonton ensures that the needs of every student are addressed, and with an average class size of 30 students we have the ability to offer students a more personal learning experience.

Global collaboration

Concordia University of Edmonton is constantly establishing cooperative relationships with universities and other institutions around the globe, where there is an exchange of ideas, students, and scholars. Mobility of students and faculty, joint research activities and publications, seminars and symposia, and exchange of academic materials are all a part of our internationalization.

The International Office at Concordia University of Edmonton and experienced co-workers in other offices work together to support the international activities of all departments offered here. They promote Concordia University of Edmonton’s faculty and programs to international audiences and work towards increasing our visibility abroad.

The core of it all is to provide an excellent learning opportunity to you, here in Edmonton, here at Concordia University of Edmonton.