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McNeil Centre for Applied Renewable Energy

McNeil C.A.R.E. Background

The McNeil Centre for Applied Renewable Energy (McNeil-C.A.R.E) was established at Concordia University of Edmonton in December 2019 and is housed in the BMO Centre for Innovation and Applied Research (BMO-CIAR). It is a multi-disciplinary centre that will collaborate, communicate, and jointly advance with the members in government, industry, and community the adoption of renewable energy technologies across Canada with a primary focus on Albertan communities.


The objectives of the McNeil-C.A.R.E are to:

  1. Provide Albertan communities (urban and rural) with information on best practices, resources for technical assistance, and stakeholder consultations for the adoption of renewable energy technologies;
  2. Organize and conduct renewable energy workshops – both educational and industry-oriented to educate end-users, assist in the adoption of renewable-energy based technologies and connect industry with the end-users;
  3. Develop programs (credit and non-credit) based on industry needs to train high-quality personnel in the field of renewable energy; and
  4. Assist with renewable energy planning in specific areas based on the needs of the community and in consultation with stakeholders (government, private industry, and community members).

Advisory Committee Members