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Events & Dissemination

At CUE, we believe that research findings should be properly communicated in the community. While we shine the light on our successes, we are also contributing to social justice by allowing access to what our excellent faculty and other CUE members generate as a result of their investigations.

The Role of CUE as a Generator of Research in a Community

CUE acknowledges that, as a university with a clear compromise for academic research, we must ensure that the products of our enterprise are shared with peers and the community. A key component in our strategy to achieve this is the use of Knowledge Mobilization strategies. 

Knowledge Mobilization (KMb) at CUE

SSHRC defines KMb as “…an umbrella term encompassing a wide range of activities relating to the production and use of research results, including knowledge synthesis, dissemination, transfer, exchange, and co-creation or co-production by researchers and knowledge users”. KMb has become an intrinsic part of daily research activities.

At CUE, we have a multi-pronged approach to KMb. We have created, and continue to create, spaces for our investigators, from students to faculty, to disseminate their findings. Our Research Forum, with the integration of the annual Student Poster Competition, is a great example of such spaces. The Research Faculty Symposium is the most important research event for our faculty at CUE, and due to the high response and engagement from our faculty members, we will be holding it twice a year, instead of our original plans to make this an annual event. The informal nature of the Student Research Café makes this bi-monthly event series a great opportunity for our students to learn on career choices and more, directly from investigators in a wide variety of fields. Speak Science Simply is a new initiative for the dissemination of findings in the Natural Sciences and Engineering, which will be released soon. Finally, much of the research activity of our faculty results in invaluable publications, ranging from peer-reviewed articles to books and more.

Other Research Events

CUE is preparing to host an event for the official launch of the Alberta Research-Data Management Information Network (ARMIN) in 2021. Important information will be released through Inside CUE and the dedicated ARMIN webpage.

To celebrate our centennial, CUE is planning to host the annual meeting of the Canadian Council of Deans of Science in 2021.