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Explore The Faculties at Concordia University of Edmonton

Concordia University of Edmonton is home to 5 faculties, each with a variety of departments within.  Each one offers a host of opportunity, with great faculty members to help you attain your goals!

Faculty of Arts

Uncover the science of human behaviour through psychology, study the interpretation and expression of human intellect through the humanities, discover clues to the fundamental questions of existence through philosophy – no matter where your interests lie, the Faculty of Arts will help you develop real-world skills that will prepare you for a long and successful career.

Faculty of Science

Gain a deeper understanding of the world by developing your skills in investigation, research, analysis and experimentation. With the Faculty of Science, you’ll be challenged to take a closer look at the natural and physical world, using cutting-edge best practices and learning to apply rigorous and logical interdisciplinary thinking.

Faculty of Management

Develop key business, leadership, communication, and professional skills with our highly innovative and flexible degree programs. With the Mihalcheon School of Management, you will learn from instructors with extensive business, government and industry experience.

Faculty of Education

Learn and prepare for your career as an educator with Concordia University of Edmonton’s Faculty of Education. Here you can explore different paths including our Bachelor of Education After Degree, Undergraduate Education Courses, and Physical Education and Sport Studies Courses.

Faculty of Graduate Studies

Dig deeper, follow your passion, and make an impact. Receive advanced instruction in specialized fields with Concordia University of Edmonton’s Graduate Programs.