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Concordia Centre for Applied Artificial Intelligence (CAAI)

Concordia Centre for Applied Artificial Intelligence (CAAI)

What is CAAI?

The role of CAAI is to facilitate the needs of business, government, and academia in developing and implementing artificial intelligence -based strategies for success.

Above all, CAAI will be at the heart of an effective, vibrant private- and public-sector ecosystem.  As a result, this will mean timely adoption and integration of artificial intelligence within those ecosystems.

Current projects

As a new centre, CAAI has already engaged in a number of interesting projects developed with industry partners and internally:

  • CT diagnostic imaging: reduction of patient radiation
  • Learning games through self-play (without human supervision)
  • Student performance prediction: predicting grades in new courses
  • Finance: predicting loan application results and optimizing applications

Through agreements with industry partners, supporting research opportunities, and the development of new academic programs, CUE and the CAAI are poised to train the next generation of machine learning experts and lead commercialization efforts in this important sector.

News and Events

Visit this page often for exciting CAAI news and events!

March 14, 2019:


Radio Active with Adrienne Pan – May 17, 2019: New Allan Wachowich Centre Opens