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Research Ethics

Concordia University of Edmonton (CUE) is committed to excellence in research based on the highest standards, and to actively promote the important role of research in teaching.

CUE is accountable for the work carried out by faculty, staff, and students under its auspices. In addition to personal, institutional, scholarly, or professional expectations, institutions must also meet external accountabilities. The University is obligated to comply with the following requirements (among others):

Good science and scholarship are conducted ethically; this includes personal conduct and professional standards as well as research ethics.

Research ethics focuses on the participants or subjects of the research, rather than on the individuals doing the research. Fundamentally, research ethics review is geared toward protecting participants by minimizing the harms or risk to which they are exposed.

It is the responsibility of the researcher to ensure that the appropriate review and subsequent approvals are obtained in advance of the research being done, whether the research is funded or unfunded. Research and teaching activities that require human participants and/or animal use conducted by CUE faculty, staff, and students requires ethics review and approval before the work starts and appropriate oversight for the duration of the work.

Details for how to obtain approval are listed below accordingly.