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The accomplishments of the Class of 2024 will be celebrated on June 1, 2024 with two ceremonies according to faculty at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Please watch this space as more Convocation 2024 details are announced.

Below you will find answers to common questions regarding your eligibility to graduate and your convocation celebration. Click on a question to get the answer.

How can I find the status of my graduation application?

Students will receive notification of graduation eligibility one month after the application deadline for their specified conferral. Should a student require more urgent written documentation of their graduation eligibility, they may request for a Graduation Status Letter through their Online Services.

How do I know for sure if I am graduating?

The Registrar’s Office cannot confirm a student’s graduation eligibility until they have applied to graduate, successfully completed all program requirements, received final grades, and the degree has been given final approval by the Registrar. Students can request for a Graduation Status Letter should they want written confirmation of their graduation eligibility.

I am an international student and I need a letter for my relatives to attend my convocation. How do I get that letter?

Students may request for a Graduation Status Letter through their Online Services. Students can either pick this letter up in the office, have it emailed, or ask for a copy to be placed in the mail.

What happens to my degree/parchment, and hood if I do not come to Convocation? How can I get it?

Degree parchment packages are available for pick up in the Registrar’s Office for 2 weeks following the specified conferral. The Registrar’s Office releases parchment packages only after the presentation of appropriate photo identification. Degree packages include the degree parchment, hood, and distinction cord (if applicable). Parchment packages that are not picked up within 2 weeks will be mailed via Canada Post (signature required) to the student’s current mailing address and courier fees will be charged for mailing outside of the Edmonton area.  Students can request for a 3rd party pick up of their degree package if they are unable to come to the Registrar’s Office during regular business hours. Please contact registrar@concordia.ab.ca for further information.

How many guests may students bring to convocation?

There is no limit on how many guests a graduate may bring. We ask that all guests RSVP so we can plan accordingly; however, please keep in mind it is general seating and available on a first come, first serve basis.

What if the number of guests changes? Do students need to submit a new form with the updated number?

Yes. Please amend the original RSVP submission or create a new RSVP with the additional number of guests.

If a student did not plan on attending convocation, can they change their mind?

Yes. Please email studentlife@concordia.ab.ca with the request to attend convocation and RSVP.

When and where is convocation?

Date, location and detailed information on convocation, is available on CUE’s website.

May students pick up my cap and gown prior to convocation day?

Students pick up their cap and gown on the day of convocation. Please see CUE’s website for details.

Will there be a confirmation email after submitting an RSVP?

After completing the RSVP, click on the link to request a copy of the submission.

Are students required to return the cap and gown after the ceremonies?

No. The cap, gown, tassel, and hood (if received) can be kept by the student. 

What is the dress code for guests? Graduates?

There is no dress code; however, we suggest business casual.

Students should keep in mind there is a lot of standing and walking; comfortable shoes are recommended. The gown covers most of what students are wearing and may cause you to overheat. Suit jackets or heavy clothing are not recommended.

Is there a reception after the ceremony?

There is a light reception following each ceremony.