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Recruitment Guidelines

The guidelines listed below are Concordia University of Edmonton’s employer recruitment best practices. Employers must agree to follow these guidelines in order to ensure recruitment practices are in the best interests of our students and alumni.

The Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers (CACEE)’s Guide to Ethical Recruitment Guidelines must be followed, along with the following guidelines for all external employer recruitment and related activities:

  • All related federal and provincial legislation must be followed.
  • Concordia University of Edmonton’s Career Services must approve all external employer recruitment-related activities that are organized by any department of Concordia University of Edmonton.
  • To obtain approval, all job postings must be deemed relevant to a program offered at Concordia University of Edmonton, or relevant for student employment (including part-time and summer positions).
  • Permanent full-time positions must require post-secondary education relevant to the programs offered at Concordia University of Edmonton.
  • Detailed position descriptions including tasks and responsibilities, compensation, location of the position, applicable training and related costs, start-up costs and/or financial obligations or penalties must be described in the job posting.
  • Application requirements, policies and processes must be clearly outlined.
  • Internship, work experience or practicum postings must clearly be in the best interest of the student and clearly outline formal structures and learning objectives as well as identifying how the student will be supervised and supported during the duration of the work term.
  • Internships must have set start and end dates, whether or not they are paid or unpaid positions.
  • Skills learned during an internship placement must be transferrable to other work environments.
  • All commission eligible positions must offer at least a base payment of minimum wage in addition to the commission.
  • Concordia University of Edmonton reserves the right to screen and reject all employment-related activities, including job postings.