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Reopening CUE for Fall 2020


precise-park-linkConcordia University of Edmonton’s Parking Services are managed by Precise Parklink (West) Ltd.

Read our Parking Policy here.

New users must register with Precise Parklink in order to purchase a parking pass.

For those who created online accounts with Precise Parklink previously, and wish to continue or request parking for the upcoming year, please email monthlyparking@preciseparklink.ca, with the information described in the Parking Policy.

To manage your existing Precise Parklink account, visit http://ipass.preciseparklink.ca/ClientLogin/CardManagerIndex.aspx.

Contact Precise ParkLink

Precise ParkLink (West) Ltd.
10558 115th Street
Edmonton Alberta T5H 3K6
Phone:+1 877.426.0007

Expo Centre Parking Passes

Annual parking passes for the Expo Centre parking lot, at 112th Avenue, are available at the Bookstore.

August 21, 2018 to April 30, 2019: $525.00 (plus GST)