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Research under the Collective Agreement

Faculty Members at Concordia University of Edmonton are, in general, expected to conduct research as part of their academic activities. To support this requirement, CUE provides support in multiple ways, including the Internal Research Grant program.

Professional Development

Professional Development funds are provided each year to continuing faculty and permanent staff at CUE, which can be used for various purposes, including paying for subscriptions for academic materials, tuition and course costs, conference registration, purchases of eligible electronic equipment sourced through CUE IT department, personal memberships, and to cover eligible expenses related to travel to attend professional development activities.

Sabbatical Leave and Reduction in Teaching

Each year, faculty members compete to gain access to two major benefits embedded in the Collective Agreement: Sabbatical Leave and Reduction in Teaching for Research Purposes. Applications for both benefits are adjudicated with the assistance of the Research and Faculty Development Committee. Since the demand is usually greater than the provisions of the Collective Agreement, these competitive processes frequently result in full allocation during individual years.