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The Faculty of Arts provides you with a wide spectrum of subjects from which you will acquire core skills vital to any career you choose. Employers recognize that a liberal arts degree fuels an individual’s imagination and broadens the mind, which is key for innovation and thinking beyond the ordinary. Employers look for adaptability, collaboration, teamwork, communication and critical thinking skills. Through our thought-provoking and creative programs, you will acquire these skills as well as refine your research and analytical abilities through many diverse learning experiences.

Whether you are uncovering the science of human behaviour through psychology, studying the interpretation and expression of human intellect through the humanities, discovering clues to the fundamental questions of existence through philosophy, or learning other important truths about what makes us human, the Faculty of Arts will help you develop real-world skills that will prepare you for a long and successful career.

Departments within the Faculty of Arts include Fine Arts, Literature and Language, Philosophy and Religious Studies, Psychology, and Social Sciences. Four-year majors, three-year concentrations and minors are available in each department.

We also offer an international Dual Degrees program. Start your three-year French degree at Concordia University of Edmonton and then complete your final year at Université Bretagne Sud, our partner university in Brittany, France. Click here for more details.

In terms of graduate programs, our Department of Psychology is pleased to offer a Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) in Clinical Psychology.

For more detailed information about programs please consult the Academic Calendar or visit the program pages.

Brett Buchanan, Dean of Arts

And the Value of CUE’s Arts Programs

Faculty of Arts

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Dr. Brett Buchanan

See each of the departments within the Faculty of Arts for faculty listings.