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Off-Campus Housing

Off-Campus Housing at CUE

Concordia University of Edmonton will not be opening our residence halls this Fall in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, we are focusing our efforts on providing exemplary student service from a distance, and that includes supporting you with housing!

We are in the process of developing resources to provide you with information about housing. To begin with, we would encourage you to review our Off-Campus Housing Listings.

Need Support with Securing Off-Campus Housing?

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Housing Listings


Concordia University of Edmonton does not inspect, recommend, or approve the housing options listed.

Students are advised to carefully inspect potential housing options and to become well-informed of their rights and responsibilities as tenants.

Here is some information help guide your search:

Please contact the landlord directly if you are interested in any of the following listings.

View Listings

These listings are submitted to CUE by landlords. We can help you with crafting your message to a landlord and gathering information, but all correspondence should be between you and your prospective landlord. CUE does not inspect, recommend, or approve the housing options listed on this page.

Concordia University of Edmonton offers a Facebook group that students can join to advertise their spaces and look for potential roommates. As with our listings on the website, we do not verify or manage the postings in the group.

Join our group and connect with others.


Concordia University of Edmonton promotes rental information exclusively on the concordia.ab.ca website. We do not have physical posting boards.

Anyone with internet access will be able to view rental listing information. Concordia University of Edmonton does not screen student renters.

Please be aware that posting your rental information publicly could possibly lead to potential scams and/or fraudulent activity.

To submit a listing to appear on this page, please fill out this online registration form, and allow up to three weeks for your listing to appear on the website. All listing are posted for up to two months, then removed. Please email studentlife@concordia.ab.ca to advise when your listing is no longer available.

As noted, Concordia University of Edmonton is not responsible for landlord and potential tenant relationships. We would offer the following tips to landlords for consideration at their discretion:

  1. Complete some online research to see if there are any known scams listed for your area or in general.
  2. CUE cannot disclose whether a potential tenant is a student because of provincial privacy legislation. Landlords may consider requesting a copy of a student’s timetable (specific courses could be blurred) or other documentation to prove student status that the potential tenant is willing to share.
  3. Landlords may contact the Landlord Tenant Board if they require any support in navigating a potential scam.

Other websites offering Student Housing listings

These websites are unaffiliated with Concordia University of Edmonton.