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CUE’s Student Ambassadors

Meet Our CUE Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors are an integral part of CUE by assisting with both our recruitment and marketing events. Ambassadors are key representatives of the university and provide a vital service in promoting post-secondary education as a whole. Ambassadors are in contact with young learners, prospective students, and influencers of all ages and backgrounds.

Ambassadors Inspire; Engage; Assist; Promote; Explain; and Encourage

Many of our campus tours are led by a Student Ambassador. Read on to learn more about where they’re from, what they’re studying, and why they chose CUE.

Ambassador Profiles


High School: Jasper Place High School
Hometown: Port Coquitlam, BC
Bachelor of Arts – English

Future Goals? Junior High/Senior High English and Social Teacher

Favourite Class? Introduction to the Profession of Teaching (ED 199) has been my favourite class at CUE so far. In this course, you get the opportunity to visit each level of primary schooling and experience what a teacher has to do on a day to day basis.

Why CUE? I chose CUE for two main reasons: the class sizes are smaller, and the Education program is by far the best in Alberta. My favourite thing about campus is the river valley. I am able to go out and explore Edmonton’s river valley after school, and each time brings a different and fun experience.

Hobbies? I am very much a seasonal person. In the summer I enjoy going backpacking in the mountains and biking through the river valley. In the winter I enjoy snowshoeing, skiing, and ice fishing.

Anything else? I am a social butterfly. I enjoy getting to know people and talking about their experiences, making new friends and connections along the way.


High School: Victoria School of the Arts
Hometown: Edmonton, AB
Bachelor of Arts – Religious Studies major, Indigenous Studies minor

Future Goals? Social Worker or Lawyer

Favourite Class? Cree 101, it was really really cool learning Indigenous Language and Culture.

Why CUE? It has small classes and really awesome professors. My favourite thing about CUE are my friends and learning.

Hobbies? I really love taking my dog for walks and playing with her.


High School: Ghalame Sefid (Isfahan, Iran)
Hometown: Isfahan, Iran
Bachelor of Management – Marketing

Future Goals? Marketing Manager at a fashion company

Favourite Class? All the courses related to business, except accounting. They play with your mind and remind you that you need to be updated with what is going around the world. They teach you how to manage a business and different ways of marketing.

Why CUE? Classes are small yet high quality. Instructors do their best to keep you interested in the courses. Students are nice. Different and interesting events.

Hobbies? Horse back riding, shopping, hanging out with friends.


High School: Archbishop Jordan Catholic High School
Hometown: Sherwood Park, AB
Bachelor of Arts – French major, Education minor

Future Goals? French Immersion Teacher

Favourite Class? I loved EDIE 325 with Dr. Kathy Howery and ED 199 with Professor Emilie Decorby. These have by far been the best Education classes that I have taken thus far! I also really enjoy taking French classes with Dr. Adrien Guyot.

Why CUE? I chose CUE because I have heard amazing things about their Education program. I also wanted to attend a smaller university as I am more comfortable in smaller classes and I find it easier to make great friendships with my peers!

Hobbies? Going to the gym and concerts, hiking & spending time with friends and family!


High School: McNally High School
Hometown: Edmonton, AB
Bachelor of Science – Integrative Biology major, Early Childhood Education minor

Future Goals? Elementary Teacher or Medicine

Favourite Class? My all-time favourite course at CUE has to be EDFD 321 – Children’s Literature in the Elementary Classroom. Both Profs. Lori and Lorelei were such wonderful people and I genuinely loved how the class was taught. I definitely learned so much and recommend it to other students who are passionate about books!

Why CUE? I chose CUE because I personally prefer a smaller campus and Concordia was the best option out of all the other Institutions in Edmonton. Also, my sister went here and she told me how positive her experience has been. My favourite thing about CUE is definitely the Professors and Sessional Instructors.

Hobbies? I love to cycle during the summer and explore Provincial Parks in Alberta. I enjoy reading and crafts. I also like taking my orange tabby cat on walks when the weather is nice.


High School: Eastglen High School
Hometown: Edmonton, AB
Bachelor of Arts – Drama major, Education minor

Future Goals? Kindergarten Teacher

Favourite Class? All the Drama courses

Why CUE? The close community.

Hobbies? Reading, movies, baking.


High School: Austin O’Brien Catholic High School
Hometown: Edmonton, AB
Bachelor of Arts – Psychology major, Physical Education and Sport Studies minor

Future Goals? Elementary School Teacher

Favourite Class? UFDN 199 or PACT 240, these classes really made me step out of my comfort zone and interact with all my classmates. By taking these classes I was able to make new friends and become more comfortable with presenting and public speaking which will be beneficial in my future as a student as well as a teacher.

Why CUE? I chose CUE because of the small class sizes and sense of community. I have only heard good things about their after-degree in education and as an aspiring teacher, I thought that CUE would be the best option for me. My favorite thing about Concordia is the feeling of community. Having Professors that recognize you in the halls, know you by your name, and care about your success is very important to me.

Hobbies? My hobbies are taking photos, working out, and skating.

Get Involved as a Student Ambassador!

Are you a current CUE student? Are you passionate about your campus or program of study and want to share your story with future students? Benefits include building your resume with campus involvement, additional scholarship opportunities, and reference letters.