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Graduate Students

Master of Arts (MA) in Biblical and Christian Studies

Students who are entering full-time studies in the MA in Biblical and Christian Studies program may be eligible for an Entrance Scholarship. Two awards, valued at $2,000 each, are available each academic year. (Note:  This program is currently under review and is not accepting new applications at this time.)

MA in Biblical and Christian Studies Entrance Scholarship

MA in Biblical and Christian Studies students may also apply for the Richard Kraemer Memorial Scholarship.

MISAM/MISSM Admission Scholarship

The MISAM/MISSM Admission Scholarship is a one-time scholarship to attract, educate and develop the next generation of information systems security professionals. Students with Canadian Citizenship or Permanent Resident status may be eligible when entering the Master of Information Systems Security Management program or the Master of Information Assurance Management program.  No application required.

MISAM/MISSM Graduate Academic Excellence Scholarship

The MISAM/MISSM Graduate Academic Excellence Scholarship is awarded to Master of Information Systems Security Management/Master of Information Systems Assurance Management program students following a qualifying semester of study. This non-competitive award can only be earned once during a student’s degree program.

Graduate Students’ Association Awards

The Graduate Students’ Association supports two awards for graduate students.  The CUE Graduate Students’ Association Award requires submitting a paper application in winter term and to be considered for the CUE Graduate Students’ Association Bursary students must submit an online bursary program application, in the winter term, through online services for students.

Alberta Scholarship Program

Funded by a $100 million endowment from the Alberta Heritage Savings Trust Fund, the Alberta Scholarship Programs are designed to stimulate the pursuit of excellence by recognizing outstanding achievement and by supporting Albertans to achieve their full intellectual, cultural, social and physical potential. Concordia University of Edmonton is involved in the identification and nomination of award recipients. Application forms and award competitions may be required for the following programs:

Graduate Student Scholarship

Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship

Dr. Gary McPherson Leadership Scholarship

Profiling Alberta’s Graduate Students Travel Award

Indigenous Graduate Award


A bursary is an award that is given on the basis of financial need. Full-time students experiencing financial difficulties while attending Concordia University of Edmonton may apply for a bursary to supplement their existing funds. The program is funded by both Concordia University of Edmonton and private donors.

Governor General Academic Medal

A medal presented on behalf of and in the name of the Governor General of Canada to the student graduating with the highest academic standing in a baccalaureate degree program (Silver Medal) and a graduate degree program (Gold Medal). These medals are awarded for academic excellence and are presented at the May convocation. Learn more.