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Make the Most of Your Time on Campus

Put your best face forward

Ensure that the people you send to represent your organization are outgoing, personable, fun are comfortable talking with students. Sitting in a chair behind a table of displays waiting for students to come to you will likely not result in the student interest you hoped for.  If possible, send your best and most recent college hires. Showcase the work interns and new hires have done at your company and highlight their work related responsibilities. This way, students can identify with their peers and be inspired to believe they are capable of working for your organization.

Consider student-centred, meaningful souvenirs

Millennials are generally more interested in the philosophy behind an organization than anonymous treats; ingenious souvenirs that represent your company’s ideology will go a long way in securing the interest of students who are considering working for you.

Snacks and sweets may entice high school students but many university students are looking for more meaningful souvenirs. Notebooks, pens, company clothing, and company-branded flash drives are useful and desirable by many students. Flash drives, for example, can come preloaded with a summary of your company so that your impression is left with students after your visit on campus is over.

Create a fun, informative and interactive display

Consider requesting a powered site to use media to capture and hold students’ attention. Games, puzzles or quizzes are also fair game. If possible, consider streaming videos on tablets or small computer screens with headphones to offer a visual tour of your organization and its services. Showcase your LinkedIn profile to interested students and allow them to join your network on the site, for example. This is what impresses students.

Offer On the Spot Interviews

Consider conducting interviews at your booth, or make advanced arrangements for additional space to conduct these interviews in a more private setting. Some students will be prepared with resumes and are hungry to find work. Granting those student on the spot interviews would enable you to fast track with candidates while providing valuable feedback to student applicants. Pre-screening will also leave a hopeful impression in the mind of the students.

Enjoy the show!

Joy is contagious, so please, be joyous during your on campus visit! Make the most of your time and stand up, put away your phone and engage with the students around you. Smile. Talk casually with students. Consider offering students general career or job search tips and win their attention. Job hunting can be a stressful time for students and you can offer hope that students can and will find a job they enjoy.