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Registration Forms

Please note that all course permission forms have been converted into online forms accessible as you register for courses in OCS and from within online services using the menu item Online Forms for those students that were registered in the course manually.

Please ensure that your form is accurate and complete before submitting it to the Registrar’s Office.

Aegrotat Standing

Aegrotat standing is designed to assist students who experience serious illness or injury which prevents them from writing their final examinations and deferred final examinations.

Details on Aegrotat standing can be found in Section 9.2.3 of the Academic Calendar.

Please apply using an online form.

Application for Deferred Final Examination

A Deferred Final Exam request may be granted based on extenuating circumstances (eg. illness, family emergency), and the deferred exam’s format may be different than the original exam. Exam deferral requests are subject to deadlines. Review section 9.2.3 of the Academic Calendar.

Please apply using an online form for the appropriate course.

Application for Incomplete

Normally, coursework not completed by the last day of classes receives a grade of ‘F’ (zero). Students who require an assignment extension-due to extenuating circumstances – can apply for an incomplete. Review section 9.2.3 of the Academic Calendar.

Please apply using an online form for the appropriate course.

Audit Request

Students who choose to audit a course take it for information only, and will not receive credit for the course. Course audit requests are subject to deadlines. Review section 4.4.1 of the Academic Calendar.

To request a course audit:

  1. Register in the course, using the Online Course Selector; then
  2. apply to switch to audit using an online form for the appropriate course.

Course Challenge

Students who have experience or a high level of knowledge in a subject matter may be allowed to challenge a course that covers that content. A maximum of 12 credits can be granted through course challenges, and these credits cannot be used to fulfill Concordia University of Edmonton’s residency requirement. Review section 4.4.2 of the Academic Calendar.

Course Challenge Request

Certified Copy of Degree

Alumni who require a certified copy of their degree must complete the request form and visit the Registrar’s Office with their original degree. If you do not have the original copy of your degree, you will need to request a Replacement Parchment. It takes approximately three to five business to process the request.

Certified Copy of Degree Request

Course Conflict

Students are not allowed to enrol in courses that are offered at overlapping times without prior permission from the Dean.

Course Conflict Permission Form

Course Overload

Some programs restrict the number of credits a student may take in any given term. To apply for an overload use this online form.

Graduation Status Letter

Students who require an official letter stating their graduation status. Please note you must have already submitted an Application for Graduation prior to requesting a Graduation Status Request.

Request for Graduation Status Letter

Major and Minor Changes

Major/Concentration changes require a new program application that can be filed by using the Program Change Application.

Minor/Emphasis changes are done through Online Services.

Modification of Program Requirements

Students wishing to have their program requirements modified in any way should apply using an online form.

Name Change

To change your name on your student record please contact the Registrar’s Office for details on required documentation.

Post-Graduation Work Permit Letter

Students who require an official letter to support their PGWP application. Please note you must have already submitted an Application for Graduation prior to requesting a Post-Graduation Work Permit Letter.

Request for Post-Graduation Work Permit Letter

Prerequisite/Co-requisite Waiver Request

Students who wish to have a prerequisite or co-requisite waived should review section 4.2.2. of the Academic Calendar. Once an eligible student attempts to register in a course requiring a prerequisite waiver, an electronic form is available in OCS.

Program Change

Should you wish to change your program regular admission deadlines apply.

To change your major or concentration or to change between a 3-year and 4-year undergraduate program please use the Program Change Application.

To change from a Masters to a Graduate Diploma program in the same discipline, please also use the Program Change Application.

To change to a completely different program you need to apply via ApplyAlberta.

Replacement Parchment

This service is for students who require a previous degree to be generated again. There is a fee associated with this service. Please consult section 5.0 of the Academic Calendar for the cost or contact Student Accounts at 780.479.9201.

Application for Replacement Parchment

Teacher Qualification Service Letter

Alumni who require a list of all the courses extra to their degree need to complete Teacher Qualifications Service Letter.

Request for Teacher Qualification Service Letter

Transcript Request

Transcripts are official copies of academic records issued by the Registrar’s Office at no charge; see Academic Calendar [Section 9.4.2]. If you would like a copy of your transcript from Concordia University of Edmonton you can request them online. There is no fee for this service unless you require it to be sent courier.

Need a Rush Transcript?

  1. Request a Transcript Online
  2. Call Student Accounts at 780.479.9201 to pay the corresponding postage fees.

Visiting Student Request

Degree students may complete a course at another postsecondary institution. They must, however, first request permission from the Registrar. Review section 4.4.3 of the Academic Calendar. Open Studies students do not need to complete this form.

Please apply using an online form.

Withdrawing from a Program

Students can withdraw from courses using the Online Course Selector . If a student wishes to withdraw completely from their program (remove all their courses from their schedule in a single term) they must complete a Program Withdraw Form via Online Services for Students.