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Research at CUE

In 2021, Concordia University of Edmonton (CUE) celebrates its centennial anniversary. Our story as a university, however, is much more recent, dating back to 2015. We are rapidly growing as an institution, developing new academic programs and lines of research. Across CUE, our faculty members and staff, with the invaluable participation of our students, lead original research projects in an expanding list of fields, ranging from Social Sciences and Education, to Math, IT and Psychology, to name a few.

CUE recently approved its 2019-2024 Strategic Research Plan, the success of which relies on the collective efforts of all its members. We support individual investigators, while at the same time recognize the immense value of collective research.

Our Researchers

At CUE, we are finding our niche, focusing on our strengths while developing new ones. Our institution has made a serious commitment to becoming a leader among small universities across Canada, and for this, we have recruited numerous early career researchers as part of our emerging faculty, who benefit from day-to-day mentorship by our established investigators.

Our research has started to gain recognition and attracting academic funding, with important “firsts” in Tri-Agency competitions for SSHRC Insight, NSERC Discovery, SSHRC Connection grants and more. As our research evolves, with concerted efforts to expand and focus, we will set the bar higher every year.

Student Research Successes

CUE students continue to make us proud. We successfully launched the Student Poster Competition in 2019, which highlighted the excellence of our student researchers. The dedication in their research activities is starting to bear fruit beyond CUE, as some of our students have successfully competed once and again in local and provincial research competitions. We are proud of their successes, as we are committed to fostering the next generation of research leaders in the country and abroad.

Sharing CUE Research

CUE Research is continuously expanding our internal opportunities to disseminate the products of the investigations led by faculty members and students. We continue to revise and improve these opportunities and are looking forward to upcoming events.

In addition, CUE will be hosting several regional, provincial and national events in the near future, in particular as part of the centennial celebrations.

Research with Industry and External Partners

In addition to academic research, we have started to gain traction in our work with industry, led primarily by the BMO-Centre for Innovation and Applied Research.

CUE Research Facts & Figures