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Faculty of Science

Gain a deeper understanding of the world by developing your skills in investigation, research, analysis and experimentation. With the Faculty of Science, you’ll be challenged to take a closer look at the natural and physical world, using cutting-edge best practices and learning to apply rigorous and logical interdisciplinary thinking.

A major draw of studying Science at Concordia University of Edmonton is the ability to gain hands-on experience in advanced labs with up-to-date technology. Graduates of Science programs leave Concordia University of Edmonton with work-ready skills including understanding theoretical concepts and their application, and the ability to understand and conduct research that is heavily based in logic and mathematics.

Within the Faculty of Science are the Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences, the Department of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, and the Department of Public Health. 4-year majors, 3-year concentrations and minors are available in each department.

Our 4-year Chemistry program is a fully accredited degree program by the Canadian Society for Chemistry (CSC) section at the Chemical Institute of Canada (CIC).

The Department of Public Health offers an After Degree program as well as graduate certificates and diplomas.


Dr. Patrick Kamau
Dean of Science
Email: patrick.kamau@concordia.ab.ca
Phone: +1.780.479.9261

See each of the departments within the Faculty of Science for faculty listings.