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International Engagement Certificate Program

The International Engagement Certificate (IEC) program will guide students’ development of intercultural skills, knowledge and attitudes that encourage a commitment to lifelong learning and strengthen their ability to support and understand the values of a diverse world. The program includes academic learning activities, study abroad or intercultural volunteering and the completion of the Intercultural Engagement Reflection course.

This program will allow students to complete all requirements concurrently with their program of study.

Why IEC?

Upon Completion of the IEC Program, students will;

  • Explain what intercultural competency is and justify its importance
  • Assess their education abroad or volunteer experience and identify areas of growth
  • Develop strategies for effective communication in multicultural settings
  • Apply international engagement skills to their future learning and career
A group of international students celebrate in Tegler Student Centre.

What do students think of the program?

“I believe that it would broaden my experience and skill set, which is always an asset; as well, intercultural experiences can introduce people to new perspectives while encouraging empathy and communication skills.”

“It builds a networking experience and personal experience. It falls in line under the unique Concordia vision and mission of community integration and connectivity.”

Program Requirements

A. Admission
1. Must be concurrently registered in a Bachelor degree program at Concordia University of Edmonton
2. Must have completed a minimum of 18 university level credits

B. Program Requirements
1. 9 credits selected from the course list linked below
2. Completion of X-SOC 91 (Go Abroad) or X-SOC 92 (Intercultural Experience)
3. Completion of X-SOC 93 (Intercultural Engagement Reflection)

C. Certification
Concordia University of Edmonton issues the International Engagement Certificate to students who successful complete the required course work.

Course List

Please find the course list here. For more information on current course offerings, visit our online course selector.

Go Abroad or Intercultural Volunteer Experience

To complete the IEC Program, students must complete either go abroad for two plus weeks or volunteer in an intercultural environment for 100 hours.

Why Go Abroad?

There are many reasons to consider going abroad as part of your time at CUE. Whether you will be studying abroad for a semester or two, interning abroad, travelling for an instructor led experience or taking part in a summer program, going abroad will open many doors. These experiences look great on your resume, provide opportunities to network and meet new people from all over the world and to hone language and intercultural skills. 

Register here to Go Abroad (X-SOC 91) for two plus weeks.

Why Volunteer?

There are many reasons to consider volunteering in an intercultural setting. Through volunteer work, students will gain exposure to different cultures, religions, and lifestyles. Students will develop new skills such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving while expanding professional networks and adding to your resume. Most importantly of all, make a difference in your community. 

Register here to Volunteer (X-SOC 92) for 100 hours in an intercultural environment.

Intercultural Engagement Reflection

The Intercultural Engagement Reflection course is mandatory for the completion of the IEC Program.

Through this course students will reflect on global issues, the importance of intercultural communication skills, immigration and the contributions of cultural diversity in Canada along with the challenges of living in a globalized world.

Register here for the online Intercultural Engagement Reflection (X-SOC 93) course and reflect on what you’ve learned from participating in the IEC program.

Application and Fee

Program Application:
1) Apply for program admission via ApplyAlberta
2) Use program planner to register in courses via OCS once received acceptance letter
3) Apply for graduation with the International Engagement Certificate Program before the deadline.

Program Fee:

The Application Fee is $ 50 for Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents /
$ 100 for International Students.
The International Engagement Certificate fee is $120.


Note: Students will pay tuition fees for the required credit courses. There will be no additional fees associated with taking those credit courses provided the student does not take them as additional courses to the ones taken as part of their program of study. However, should a student need to take additional courses at CUE for the purposes of completing the certificate program, the added costs may be up to the amount of three 3-credit courses.


Email us at international@concordia.ab.ca