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Tuition & Fees

Tuition and Fee Schedule

Fees outlined below are in Canadian Dollars (CAD), and are basic estimates for the 2018-19 academic year. These estimated fees do not include extra fees for some courses. For additional information on this, please see Other Program Fees.

Financial Deadlines for 2018-19 are presented here and are also available online through the Concordia University of Edmonton’s current Academic Calendar.

Please note that the Board of Regents reserves the right to authorize fee adjustments any time throughout the year, without prior notice.

Undergraduate: Arts, Science, Management, & Open Studies

 3 cr6cr9cr12cr15cr
Tuition$856.80$1,713.60 $2,570.00$3,427.20$3,570.00
Mandatory Fees$130.92$261.84$392.76$437.80$445.30
Student Benefit PlanN/AN/A$300.00$300.00$300.00


After-Degree: Education & Environmental Health

Mandatory Fees$130.92$261.84$392.76$437.80$445.30
Student Benefit PlanN/AN/A$300.00$300.00$300.00

Master of Education

Mandatory Fees$137.61$275.22

MISSM/MISAM, Diploma Programs, & Psychological Assessment

Mandatory Fees$137.61$275.22$412.80$457.80$465.30

MA & Environmental Health Practice Certificate & Diploma

Mandatory Fees$137.61$275.22$412.80$457.80$465.30

Graduate Certificate in Public Health (Distance Delivery)

Mandatory Fees$35.48$70.95$141.90

Spring/Summer – Special Sessions – Undergraduate

Mandatory Fees$87.60$175.20

International Students

 per creditper term
International Fee$305 per credit$2,745 per term
Repatriation Fee$25.00 per term$50.00 per year
Student Benefit Plan-$300.00 per year
International Insurance*-$250.00 per term or $450.00 two terms

*Charged for programs that run less than 12 months.

English For Academic Purposes

 per term
Tuition & Fees$4,505.00 per term
International Insurance$250.00 per term or $450.00 two terms

**International Fee does not apply to this program.

Student Benefit Plan

$300 is the maximum/year for the CSA Student Benefit Plan and insurance coverage is prorated for Winter/Spring/Summer sessions. More information on the Student Benefit Plan is available through the Concordia Students Association.

Payment Options

Concordia University of Edmonton accepts the following method of payments:

  1. In Person – cash, cheque, debit and bank draft.
  2. Online Credit Card Payments – through Plastiq. Concordia University of Edmonton does not accept direct credit card payments, however students may choose to use Plastiq, a third party credit card processor, to pay by credit card (processing fees apply). When paying online through Plastiq, reference your student ID number as your account number and choose Concordia University of Edmonton as the payee.
  3. Online Debit Payments – through major banks and credit unions in Canada. Choose Concordia University of Edmonton as the payee, and reference your student ID number as your account number.
  4. Through Your Bank – contact your bank in person or by telephone to make a payment. Choose Concordia University of Edmonton as the payee, and reference your student ID number as your account number.
  5. Through Student Loans – Concordia requests a portion of your student loan to come directly to us to pay your tuition and fees. Students are responsible to pay any outstanding balance by the applicable deadline.
  6. By Wire – Students who require information to send a wire payment should contact studentaccounts@concordia.ab.ca.
  7. Sponsorship Payments – If you are a sponsored student, written documentation outlining your sponsorship must be received from your sponsoring agency prior to registration, and must include:
    • The specific fees covered by your sponsor (i.e. tuition, books, etc.)
    • The terms covered by your sponsor
    • The maximum dollar amount (if applicable)
    • Complete invoicing information including name of agency, address, phone number and contact name.
    • Sponsorship letters may be faxed to 780-474-1933 – ATTN: Student Accounts or emailed to studentaccounts@concordia.ab.ca.

Other Financial Information – Available Through Online Services.

  1. The current term Statement of Account is available through online services for students under My Account. Printed statements are available by request from the student accounts email.
  2. The previous tax year T2202A is available through online services for students under Requests.