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Undergraduate and After Degree Application Process

Undergraduate and After Degree Programs

Step 1: Choose Your Program

Concordia University of Edmonton offers a full range undergraduate, graduate studies, after-degree, and certificate programs. View a full list of programs.

Step 2: Check Admission Requirements

For a more detailed description and full explanation of Concordia University of Edmonton’s admission requirements, policies, and procedures, refer to the Academic Calendar.

Step 3: Review Application Deadlines

Step 4: Apply

Applications are processed through ApplyAlberta. Visit the site to create an Alberta.ca account and complete your application. You can find a short tutorial explaining how to create an Alberta.ca account here. At ApplyAlberta you can also find instructional videos explaining how to complete the application.

Step 5: Submit Application Documents

Applicable academic transcripts and documentation are due by the deadlines indicated in the academic calendar. Concordia University of Edmonton can request official transcripts on your behalf from institutions in Alberta that subscribe to the transcript request service through ApplyAlberta.

For information of what is considered an official transcript, please see our full official transcript requirements.

Mailing Address

Concordia University of Edmonton
Attention: Office of Admissions
7128 Ada Boulevard
Edmonton, Alberta T5B 4E4

Step 6: Submit program-specific application documents, as outlined in:

Section 3.3    Four-Year Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (Applied Emphasis)

Section 3.4.1   Education (After Degree) in Elementary Education

Section 3.4.2. Environmental Health (After Degree)

Step 7: Satisfy the English Language Requirement

Step 8: Respond to the Admissions Office

An Admission Advisor may contact you by email or phone throughout the application process. Your prompt response lets us review your university application so that you can continue planning for your future.