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Student Accessibility Services

Student Accessibility Services

Student Accessibility Services provides support to give students with disabilities equal access to post-secondary learning. Students, instructors and Student Accessibility Services staff share responsibility for the provision of accommodations.

Approved students are required to maintain the essential institutional standards and will
be evaluated solely based on their academic performance.

Please keep in mind that the process of putting supports in place can take several

Student Accessibility Services offers both in-person and online appointments.

Check out the new Student Accessibility Services website for the most up-to-date information on SAS, resources, funding, and resources.

Steps to accessing Student Accessibility Services

1. Request services early

As soon as you consider attending Concordia University of Edmonton, or at the latest as soon as you are accepted, contact the Student Accessibility Services Advisor, Pilar Aguilar at learningaccommodations@concordia.ab.ca.

The process of putting supports in place can take several weeks and it is important to have your accommodation services in place as soon as possible.

NOTE: Students are strongly encouraged to submit their documentation at least 4 weeks prior to the academic term for which they require accommodations. Students that apply for SAS late in the semester might have to wait until the following term to access SAS. 

2. Provide your information

Provide a copy of your current (no older than 3 years) official documentation from a medical professional (i.e. psychologist, medical doctor, psychiatrist).

The documentation should include:

  1. A clear diagnosis
  2. State the nature and severity of your disability and its functional impact on your learning.
  3. Recommendations for the supports that will help remove the learning barriers caused by your disability. Note: prescription notes are not valid documentation.

If you need to obtain the required documentation because your documentation is outdated or doesn’t meet the requirements for example, immediately contact Pilar Aguilar at learningaccommodations@concordia.ab.ca. She will provide information on arranging the appropriate assessments.

3. Complete your Individual Service Plan

Upon receiving proper documentation, the Student Accessibility Services Advisor will contact eligible students to complete their annual Individual Service Plan. This is the contract agreement between Concordia University of Edmonton and students who use accommodations services. All students accessing Student Accessibility Services are required to complete an Individual Service Plan each new academic year.

4. Apply for disability grant funding (if necessary)

Following the completion of the Individual Service Plan, the Student Accessibility Services Advisor will advise students on how to apply for government grants, and will help facilitate this application process with the student. Visit www.studentaid.alberta.ca for information on available disability grants through student loan applications (select Applications and Forms, bottom right, then click on Schedule 4).


Pilar Aguilar
Direct: 780-479-9242
Toll free: 1-1866-479-5200
Email: pilar.aguilar@concordia.ab.ca or learningaccommodations@concordia.ab.ca