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This calendar sets forth the intention of Concordia University of Edmonton at the time of its publication with respect to all matters contained herein. Concordia reserves the right at any time to deviate from what appears in the Calendar, either to serve its best interest, or because of circumstances or occurrences beyond its reasonable control. Concordia University of Edmonton expressly denies responsibility or liability to any person or persons who may suffer loss or who may be otherwise adversely affected by such change.

1.0 Mission & Vision

2.0 Academic Schedule

3.0 Undergraduate Admission

4.0 Registration

5.0 Fees

6.0 Financial Aid

7.0 Undergraduate Awards

8.0 Student Life

9.0 Academic Regulations

10.0 Undergraduate Programs

11.0 After Degree Programs

12.0 Undergraduate Certificates

13.0 Graduate Admission & Programs

14.0 Course Descriptions

15.0 Continuing Education

16.0 Administration

17.0 Faculty & Academic Staff

18.0 Glossary