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Research at CUE

Welcome to Concordia University of Edmonton’s Research website. Here, you will find valuable information on CUE’s research plans, programs and efforts, as well as our successes.  There are also many valuable resources for our students, faculty, and staff.

Research at CUE falls under the Vice-President Academic & Provost. Showcasing CUE’s commitment to research, the position of Assistant Vice-President Research was recently created to lead this important portfolio at the university. CUE recently approved the 2019-2024 Strategic Research Plan, which guides our efforts at meaningful research.


To promote the culture of research among members of Concordia University of Edmonton, leading and assisting students and faculty in their research activities, scholarly engagement and knowledge dissemination, facilitating collaborative research, and providing oversight of responsible use of research funds.


A Concordia University of Edmonton, Canada’s pre-eminent small university, engaged, active and agile in the research environment in the city, the province, the country and the world, with many stories of success among its students and faculty.

Message from the Vice-President Academic & Provost

CUE is a rapidly evolving institution, and one aspect that has lately become a clear focus involves our research profile, now going from strength to strength. In just the past few years, faculty members have brought in our university’s first Insight Grant, as well as our first two NSERC Discovery awards—underscoring the stellar work being done within our campus community and enhancing opportunities for our students.

The Office of the Vice-President Academic & Provost has worked closely with the Office of Research Services as well as stakeholders across our university to develop a strategic research plan, to serve as a roadmap for the next five years. In addition to our Research Officer, CUE now has an Assistant Vice-President Research (effective January 2020), to ensure high-level oversight in this vital area.

An active researcher myself, I am keen to continue supporting colleagues across all Faculties who are conducting a wide range of research activities; disseminating the results through publications as well as conferences; applying for funding (both internal and external) to support this work; working closely with students as well as peers; and nurturing their professional networks in academic, industry, and community spheres.

As CUE continues to grow, we become increasingly well positioned to offer exciting new opportunities to our faculty and students, enabling them not only to dream but also to take concrete steps toward achieving their research goals.

Valerie Henitiuk, PhD
Vice-President Academic & Provost

Message from the Assistant Vice-President Research

The Assistant Vice-President (AVPR) position is a recently assigned role in CUE’s leadership to oversee the research portfolio of the university. As the AVPR, one of my main priorities is to ensure that we achieve the objectives of the Strategic Research Plan.

I have a long career in biomedical research. This has allowed me to collaborate with faculty members and other researchers, and to serve as a mentor for students and peers. My experience as an investigator has shaped many aspects of my approach as the AVPR, as I have first-hand experience of some of the investigators’ needs. I also understand the value of collaboration and how it can help research be most productive.

CUE is in a privileged position and time. We have strong ties across faculties that allow us to develop effective interdisciplinary research that other universities cannot achieve due to their large size. As we are in our growth phase, we are nimble and can adapt quickly to changing needs in the field.

Under the AVPR oversight are the Internal Research Grant Program, the Office of Research Services, the Registry of External Academic Funding and the organization of some of CUE’s research dissemination activities, including the Student Research Forum and Poster Competition, CUE’s Faculty Research Symposium, and the Student Research Café. However, success is not a standalone effort, but a collective one. I am very glad of the supportive community at CUE, all of whom make research at CUE possible.

Ramses Ilarraza, PhD
Assistant Vice-President Research