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Giving Opportunities

From enriching student experiences to reducing barriers and inspiring future leaders, your gift to Concordia University of Edmonton (CUE) – no matter where you give – will make an impact.

Discover giving opportunities right for you from the funds below.

Concordia University of Edmonton Funds

Concordia Student Food Bank – CUE Cupboard

1 in 5 CUE students experience food insecurity according to the spring 2021 student survey. The Concordia food bank is intended for students who find themselves short on resources to purchase food. It is to provide temporary assistance to students struggling to feed themselves.

CUE Cupboard provides an online way to let students in need request and create food and essential item hampers that suit their needs and wants.

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Concordia Symphony Orchestra

Music donors support CUE in its effort to provide high-quality training for musicians and music educators of the future. Donor contributions include sponsorship of scholarships, purchasing instruments and equipment, defraying student expenses for conferences and competitions, and funding other needs.

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Legacy Fund

In 2021, Concordia University of Edmonton celebrated 100 years and created the Legacy Fund to raise funds for CUE’s future. The funds raised through our 100th anniversary Legacy Fund will be used to create scholarships and provide financial aid to our students. The Legacy Fund will continue to grow and will become CUE’s Endowment Fund.

An endowment can provide critical support for current programs and the promise of consistent support into the future. It will enable CUE faculty and students to conduct innovative research, explore new academic fields, apply new technologies, and develop new teaching methods even if funding is not readily available from other sources, including tuition, gifts, or grants.

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New Academic Building

Construction is underway on a new academic building, with an initial projected capital cost of approximately $40 million. Our Campus Master Plan prioritizes sustainability and our new academic building will be developed using the latest technologies to reduce emissions and optimize building performance. We know there is even greater opportunity for CUE over the long-term and we won’t be able to realize our full potential alone. We are committed to working collaboratively with our campus community, neighbours and stakeholders to understand their needs as we continue to build for our next century.

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Shaughn O’Brien Mental Health Fund

The world has changed, and accessing mental health services and supports has never been more important. In recent years, CUE has been working to emphasize the importance of mental health and wellness, and has invested significantly to provide students with the support they need to be successful and reach their full potential.

Through services like counselling and peer support, and initiatives like wellness events, campaigns, and workshops, our objective is to ensure every student feels supported at CUE no matter their social, economic, or environmental circumstances.

Created in memory of a student we lost far too soon, the Shaughn O’Brien Mental Health Fund has raised nearly $200,000 and continues to support on-campus initiatives designed to reduce the stigma of mental health, and promote wellness and resiliency.

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Student Relief Fund

The CUE Student Relief Fund is an initiative for current and incoming Concordia University of Edmonton students, which will be used to fund support bursaries to address the significant financial challenges caused by unforeseen events, including housing, transportation, and tuition, to create the conditions for our students to focus on their academic goals. The CUE Student Relief Fund was established during the COVID-19 pandemic and will continue to ensure no student is left behind.

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The Period Poverty Project

In an effort to reduce financial burden, several groups at CUE have partnered to launch the Period Poverty Project. Free menstruation products are now available in 18 bathrooms across campus where people menstruate.

Want to pay it forward and support the program? Free products can be left directly in any basket on campus and/or donations can be made online to the Period Poverty Program.

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President’s Fund

The President’s Fund exists to support initiatives that help us achieve CUE’s mission and encourage student success. Your support for this fund allows us to meet short-term needs while building a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship and allowing us to offer exceptional and transformative educational experiences to our students. The CUE President can allocate these funds to the area most needed.

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Scholarships and Bursaries

CUE offers a wide range of awards to recognize and assist undergraduate and graduate students. Scholarships, bursaries, and various types of awards help lower the cost of a university education for bachelor degrees, master degrees, and after degree programs.​

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PsyD Training Clinic

Inside and outside of the classroom, our PsyD students will learn, train, supervise, and lead, creating a strong foundation on which to build successful careers as clinical psychologists.  Our program is the only one of its kind west of Manitoba, and it will lead to positive outcomes for PsyD students, the community, and the field of clinical psychology.

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Innovation Launchpad

Innovation Launchpad is CUE’s flagship entrepreneurship education program that supports all CUE members from every program to become founders and changemakers in their fields — starting a new company with a product or service that fits a market need. This 6-week program supports individuals or startup teams through the startup process — from ideation to developing a solution for paying customers. 

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Getting Started

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