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Drama — 3-year 2021/2022

1. Drama

24–30 credits required, to include:
Theatre Studies:
  1. DRA 101 (Introduction to Theatre Art) or DRA 102 (Play Analysis)
Performance Studies:
  1. DRA 149 (Introduction to Dramatic Process)
  2. One of
Voice and Speech Studies:
  1. One of
Theatre Practice:
  1. DRA 307 (Special Projects in Theatre Performance or Production I)
Capstone Project:
  1. DRA 495 (Senior Drama Seminar and Project)
  1. 6–12 credits of unspecified DRA courses. A maximum of 9 credits of junior‐level Drama courses may be counted towards a Drama concentration.
In addition to the above, students must complete:
  1. 6 credits of junior-level ENG courses
  2. 6 credits of courses offered by the Departments of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Literature and Language other than English and Fine Arts other than Drama (ARAB, ARTH, CHIN, CLAS, CLIT, CREE, FR, GERM, GRK, HEBR, LAT, MUS, MUP, MUPB, MUPE, MUPH, MUPK, MUPP, MUPS, MUPV, MUPW, MUED264 (Handbells and Handchimes for Children and Youth), PHIL, POPC, REL, SPA, WRI). (PHIL, CLAS, MUS, and MUP are recommended to complement your drama studies.)
  3. 6 credits of courses offered by the Departments of Social Sciences or Psychology (CNST, ECO, HIS, INDG, POEC, PSCI, PSY, SOC). (HIS or PSY are recommended to complement your drama studies.)
  4. 6 credits of courses in the Faculty of Science.
Permissible minors:
All minors listed in section 10.6, except for Drama and Forensic Studies.

Electives recommended to complement your drama studies include: ARTH, DAN, MUS, MUP, MGT, MARK, REL, ENG 338 (Shakespeare), ENG 339 (Further Studies in Shakespeare) and ENG 396 (Early Twentieth-Century Drama), or WRI 391 (Introduction to Creative Writing: Fiction) and WRI 392 (Introduction to Creative Writing: Poetry).


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