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5.6 International Students 2019/2020

5.6 International Students

International student fees are indicated in the Fee Schedule, section 5.2. All fees are due the first day of class, see Fee Payment Deadlines, section 5.5.1. Students must contact Student Accounts at +1 780 479 9207 or by email at studentaccounts@concordia.ab.ca if payment is going to be delayed for any reason.

Refunds are issued with the following Criteria:
Concordia University of Edmonton issues refunds to international student’s who meet one of the following criteria.

  • International students who reside in their home country and have had a change of plans receive a refund less a $400.00 forfeit.
  • International students who have paid the deposit and cannot attend because their study permit is denied are refunded the deposit less a processing fee, provided, they have submitted a copy of the IRCC Refusal letter to the Admissions Department.
  • International students who have paid their deposit and are no longer meeting admission requirements to their program, receive a refund of the deposit less the processing fee.
  • International Students who paid the deposit, and have not provided their study permit, and passport in person to the Admissions Department by the first day of classes will have the offer of admission rescinded. Students will receive a refund less a $400.00 forfeit.
  • Applicants in Canada on a work permit who choose not to come are refunded all fees except $400.00 (forfeit) with proof of work permit submitted to the Admissions department.
  • Concordia University of Edmonton retains the International Student Registration Deposit from students who are in Canada.
  • International students who begin classes at Concordia University of Edmonton and officially discontinue their studies by completing the program withdrawal form through Online Services for Students are eligible for refunds or fee reductions according to the published deadlines in the Academic Schedule, section 2.0.

Concordia University of Edmonton notifies Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada of all withdrawals.