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2.0 Academic Schedule 2019/2020

Concordia University of Edmonton students need to be aware of the dates in the Academic Schedule that have implications for their official academic record and for fees. Deadlines are firm and strictly enforced to ensure fair treatment of all students.

The Academic Schedule contains the following important information:

  1. Specific dates and deadlines that affect registration in courses, according to program:
    • “Regular university program” refers to university-level courses offered in Fall and Winter Semesters from Monday to Saturday during the day and on some evenings.
    • “Spring and Summer Sessions” refers to university-level courses offered from May to August.
    • In addition, Master of Education, the Environmental Health, Information Systems Assurance Management and Information Systems Security Management programs have a separate Spring Semester schedule.
  2. The dates for holidays, campus closures, fee payments, and refunds apply to students registered in all programs at Concordia University of Edmonton.

Specific deadlines for undergraduate admission are listed in table 3.1.1.A, Application Deadlines for Undergraduate Admission in section 3.0.

Specific deadlines for graduate admission are listed in table 13.1.1: Application Deadlines for Graduate Admission in section 13.1.1.

Graduate students should also be aware of 13.1.7 Timelines for Theses, Dissertations and Projects in section 13.1.7.