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13.5.3 Graduate Certificate in Public Health Leadership 2019/2020

13.5.3 Graduate Certificate in Public Health Leadership

Leadership is recognized as a growing need in public health. The multidisciplinary nature of both health policy and health management presents both challenges and opportunities. The core disciplines include human resource management, public finances, health policy, law, organizational and personal ethics, and organization studies as applied to health care. The goal is to address problems relevant to health policy, health services delivery, outcome measurement, patient safety, leadership, and organizational management relevant to health care organizations and systems.

A. Admission Requirements

A four-year baccalaureate degree from a recognized educational institution (in a field such as environmental health, nursing, or related health sciences) or equivalent combination of education and experience and have a 3.0 GPA in the last 60 credits of post-secondary education. A professional resume is also required.

B. Program Requirements

  1. 9 credits required, to include:
    1. PHLD 600 (Management Principles for Public Health Professionals)
    2. PHLD 602 (Project Planning for Public Health Professionals)
    3. PHLD 605 (Ethical Decision Making in Public Health)
    4. PHLD 610 (Leadership Principles for Public Health Profesionals)
    5. PHLD 612 (Resource Management for Public Health Professionals)
    6. PHLD 615 (Ethical Leadership and Critical Choice)
  2. achieve a minimum overall GPA of 2.7 in the required courses.
  3. complete program within 3 years

E. Graduation Requirements

Students graduate on one of the three degree-conferral dates following successful completion of their program requirements as well as the general program requirements of The Faculty of Graduate Studies, section 13.1.4. For further information about graduation requirements, see Graduation Requirements, section 13.1.5.