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Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Arts Program Planners

Drama (3-year)
English (3-year)
English (4-year)
French (3-year)
General Arts (3-year)
History (3-year)
Music (3-year)
Music (4-year)
Philosophy (3-year)
Philosophy (4-year)
Political Economy (3-year)
Psychology (3-year)
Psychology (4-year)
Applied Psychology (4-year)
Religious Studies (3-year)
Religious Studies (4-year)
Sociology (3-year)
Sociology (4-year)

Bachelor of Management Program Planners

Management (4-year)
CUE-BFSU Dual Degrees in Management (4-year) (Coming Soon)

Dual Degrees Bachelor of Management & Bachelor of Science in Chemistry Program Planners

Dual Degrees Bachelor of Management & Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

Bachelor of Science Program Planners

Biology (3-year)
Biology (4-year)
Biology-Cell and Molecular (4-year)
Biology-Integrative (4-year)
Chemistry (3-year)
Chemistry (4-year)
Environmental Science (3-year)
Environmental Science (4-year)
Environmental Science-Environmental Assessment and Remediation (4-year)
General Science (3-year)
Information Technology (4-year)
Mathematics (3-year)
Mathematics (4-year)



After Degree Programs

Bachelor of Education (After Degree) in Elementary Education
Bachelor of Environmental Health (After Degree)

Graduate Programs

Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology
Master of Education in Educational Leadership
Master of Information Systems Assurance Management – MISAM
Master of Information Systems Security Management – MISSM
Master of Science in Information Technology
Graduate Diploma in Environment Public Health Practice
Graduate Diploma Information Assurance – GDIA
Graduate Diploma Information Security – GDIS