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8.4 Campus Services 2019/2020

8.4 Campus Services

8.4.1 Books and Supplies

The campus bookstore sells textbooks and supplies on a cash, credit card, and debit card basis.

8.4.2 Computers for Student Use

Concordia University of Edmonton maintains several drop-in computer labs that students may use to research and prepare classroom assignments. All students receive a user account and password which allows them access to stations in the drop-in computer labs.

Instructors provide the details about other labs that are available for students enrolled in specific classes. Accounts for these other labs are assigned by the instructors teaching them.

Students are expected to adhere to the posted policies and guidelines for the use of the computers and computer networks. Violation of these policies and guidelines may result in disciplinary action and the loss of access to these services.

For the location and hours of operation of computer labs on campus, visit https://concordia.ab.ca/campus-services/help-desk/.

8.4.3 Insurance

A. Accident Insurance

At the time of registration, Concordia University of Edmonton students subscribe to a group accident insurance plan that covers full-time students for accidental injury on a 24-hour basis during the term, and part-time students for accidental injury while on the school premises and while “travelling to and from” school during the term. “Full-time” is defined by the insurer as a student enrolled in three or more courses. “Travelling to and from” means direct travel which takes place along a normal or reasonable route, without delay or stopover.

The Accidental Medical Expense only supplements existing medical coverage.

Students who wish to make claims must submit claim forms and provide the insurance company with proof of injury within 30 days of the injury; claim forms and more detailed information are available from the Student Life and Learning Office.

B. Concordia University of Edmonton Students’ Association Benefits Plan

The CSA Student Benefits Plan provides extended health and dental benefits for every full-time undergraduate student and all International students. The fees are included in students’ University fees. The benefit year is September 1 to August 31. Eligible students are added to the plan automatically during the first 45 days of each semester. Visit www.mystudentplan.ca/csa to find out how to use the plan. Students with comparable insurance coverage may apply to waive health and/or dental coverage provided by the CSA Student Benefits Plan. You can also coordinate coverage from your existing plan with the CSA Student Benefits Plan. Each student is given one opportunity to waive benefits under the plan each year. All opt out requests must be completed online via the benefit plan website; www.mystudentplan.ca/csa/opt-out-form and received by the applicable deadline. Approval of the opt out request will result in the plan fee being credited to your student account. Students with a spouse and/or dependants have one opportunity to purchase family coverage for a spouse and/or dependant(s) by completing an application form and paying the family coverage fee. All family add on forms and applicable fees must be received by the applicable deadline.

The CSA Health and Dental plan includes coverage for prescription drugs, vision care, paramedical practitioners, dental, emergency travel insurance, accidental death and dismemberment, and a tutorial. For more details about your student plan, please visit: www.mystudentplan.ca/csa and contact the Concordia University of Edmonton Students’ Association.

8.4.4 Student Identification Cards

Concordia University of Edmonton issues student identification cards during the first week of class in each semester from Student & Enrolment Services. Students must present their student identification cards to:

  • borrow books from the Concordia University of Edmonton library;
  • access the 20 NEOS libraries including the University of Alberta libraries, the Alberta Environmental Protection Library, and Alberta Health;
  • access their student information and academic advising, at the Registrar’s Office in Enrolment Services;
  • claim grant cheques from the Student Accounts Office; and
  • use the athletic centre.

Students may also use the Concordia University of Edmonton student ID card:

  • as a declining balance card in Concordia University of Edmonton’s cafeteria and kiosk. To use this feature, students deposit money to their cards at the Student Accounts Office;
  • as a copy card for campus photocopiers. To use this feature, students deposit money to their cards at the Bookstore; and
  • to verify student status for facilities, events, and discounts on- and off-campus.
  • Students are charged a fee for replacing lost or stolen cards. Replacement cards are available from Enrolment Services.