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6.2 Emergency Loans 2019/2020

6.2 Emergency Loans

Concordia University of Edmonton’s Emergency Loan Program is designed for full-time students who have the necessary funding for their studies, food, and accommodation, but have been confronted by an unanticipated event which has created an urgent need for supplemental funds.

Emergency loans are not intended to defray the normal costs of study, food, and accommodation, or to cover fines or debts owed to Concordia University of Edmonton. Emergency loans do not normally exceed $300.00, and students are not considered for more than one emergency loan per semester.

To obtain an emergency loan, students first complete the Emergency Loan Form, which is available at Student & Enrolment Services. Students then meet with an Advisor to determine the validity of the request. At this time, they must provide the Advisor with all supporting documents (such as the student loan notice of assessment, medical letter of verification). Emergency loans can normally be processed within two business days.

The student and the Advisor together determine the repayment date. Emergency loans that are repaid by the mutually-agreed repayment date are provided interest free. Loans may be repaid by cash, cheque, or deductions from government student loans or grant disbursements.

Concordia University of Edmonton withholds transcripts and documents (degrees, diplomas, etc.) from students with unpaid emergency loans, denies them future registration, and may prohibit them from writing final examinations.