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15.0 Office of Extension & Culture 2019/2020

In harmony with our mission and vision, Concordia University of Edmonton (CUE) endeavors to provide students, staff, faculty, and community with a diversity of life-long learning choices in a welcoming and accepting environment, outside of our academic programs. Social and cultural outreach, inclusion, applied research and indigenization will also be supported by the Office of Extension & Culture (OEC).

The OEC will support and develop lifelong learning opportunities to local, national, and international communities. Flexible methods of delivery, a variety of course content, extra curricular and cultural events and excursions, and engagement with CUE community partners and international partners are the highlights of the OEC.

The main objectives of the OEC are to:

  1. build and maintain relationships between CUE and external stakeholders (local and international stakeholders)
  2. manage community outreach activities for students, faculty and staff
  3. encourage local and international students to study at CUE, especially during the most beautiful season of our campus in the summer.

All programs and activities under the Office of Extension and Culture are non-credit.