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13.2 Student Support 2019/2020

13.2 Student Support

Concordia University of Edmonton values the uniqueness, the potential, the integrity, and the well-being of every student that it serves. The Concordia University of Edmonton Graduate Student Association (CGSA) safeguards the interests of graduate students. The Association provides the opportunity for graduate students to support one another and to deal with common concerns. It is from this Association that a representative is drawn to serve on the Graduate Policy Committee (GPC).

Concordia University of Edmonton’s graduate faculty are expected to be committed to the graduate programs and to the intellectual development of graduate students through sustained participation in activities involving graduate students, such as colloquia, conferences, scholarly presentations, and other public lectures and events.

A limited number of teaching and research assistantships may be offered to well-qualified candidates. Information concerning further available assistantships, graduate scholarships, and research grants is regularly published by the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

13.2.1 Graduate Financial Aid

For complete information refer to Financial Aid, section 6.0.