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Religious Studies — 4-year 2019/2020

6. Religious Studies — 4-year


36–60 credits required, to include:

  1. REL 101 (Western Religious Traditions) and REL 102 (Eastern Religious Traditions)
  2. REL 248 (The Christian Tradition)
  3. REL 252 (Old Testament Literature) and REL 253 (New Testament Literature)
  4. REL 373 (Contemporary Issues in Religious Ethics)
  5. One of
  6. One of
  7. One of
  8. REL 499 (Topics in Religious Studies)
  9. 6–30 credits of unspecified senior-level REL courses

In addition to the above, students must complete:

  1. 6 credits in any courses offered by the departments of Social Science and/or Psychology (CNST, ECO, HIS, INDG, POEC, PSCI, PSY, SOC).
  2. 6 credits of courses in the Faculty of Science.

Permissible minors: All minors listed in section 10.6 except Religious Studies and Forensic Studies.


A minimum of 6 credits English, 6 credits Philosophy (esp. PHIL290 (Philosophy of Religion)), 3 credits Fine Arts, and 3 credits Classics are recommended.

Students majoring in Religious Studies are strongly advised to take at least six credits of a Language Other than English which relates to their major interest (e.g., Hebrew or Greek for Biblical Studies; German, Latin or French for Christian History and Theology).


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