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Chemistry — 4-year 2018/2019

2. Chemistry

The 4 yr. BSc in Chemistry program is accredited by the Canadian Society for Chemistry (CSC). The CSC accredits undergraduate chemistry programs in Canadian universities, to ensure that educational programs have the potential to prepare graduates to practice their profession in a competent scientific manner. It also helps to maintain national standards of education by providing an external audit service for programs, and by promoting the portability of the qualifications of graduates from such programs.

Please see http://www.cheminst.ca/csc-accreditation

42–60 credits required, to include:

  1. CH 101 (Introductory University Chemistry I) and CH 102 (Introductory University Chemistry II)
  2. CH 261 (Basic Organic Chemistry I) and CH 263 (Basic Organic Chemistry II)
  3. CH 211 (Quantitative Analytical Chemistry I) and CH 213 (Quantitative Analytical Chemistry II)
  4. CH 271 (Chemical Thermodynamics) and CH 273 (Physical Chemistry)
  5. CH 331 (Introductory Inorganic Chemistry) and CH 332 (Basic Inorganic Chemistry II: Transition Metals)
  6. One of
  7. BIOCH200 (Introductory Biochemistry)
  8. 6–24 credits unspecified senior-level CH courses.

In addition to the above, students must complete:

  1. 3 credits of PHY courses.
  2. MAT 114 (Elementary Calculus I) and MAT 115 (Elementary Calculus II)
  3. BES 107 (Introduction to Cell Biology) or BES 108 (Organisms in Their Environment)
  4. 6 credits of courses offered by the Departments of Social Sciences or Psychology (CNST, ECO, HIS, INDG, POEC, PSCI, PSY, SOC).
  5. 3 credits of ENG courses.
  6. 3 additional credits of courses offered by the Departments of Literature and Languages, Religious Studies and Philosophy, or Fine Arts (ARAB, ARTH, CHIN, CLAS, CLIT, DRA, ENG, FR, GERM, GRK, HEBR, LAT, MUS, MUP, MUED264 (Handbells and Handchimes for Children and Youth), PHIL, REL, SPA, WRI).
MAT 120 (Linear Algebra I), MAT 214 (Intermediate Calculus I), and an additional 3 credits of Physics are strongly recommended.

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