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9.3 Evaluation 2017/2018

9.3 Evaluation

9.3.1 Grading System

Effective September 1, 2003, Concordia University of Edmonton employs the 4-point grading system.

Descriptor Alpha Grade Grade Point Value
A+ 4
Excellent A 4
A− 3.7
B+ 3.3
Good B 3
B− 2.7
C+ 2.3
Satisfactory C 2
C− 1.7
Poor D+ 1.3
Minimal Pass D 1
Fail F 0
Other Final Grades:
Aegrotat standing AE
Audit AU
Auditor Withdrew AW
Credit (C- or higher) CR
Incomplete I
Course in Progress IP
No Credit NC
Withdrew with permission W
Withdrew failing WF As of September 2003, a WF is counted as a grade of F [zero] in the calculation of the Grade Point Average

For the Graduate Studies Grading System, see 13.1.2.A.1.


9.3.2 Extended Description of Grade Levels

Grading is a concise method for giving information to students and others about the student’s knowledge and skill, and the extent to which the student has achieved the objectives of the course. For the further guidance of students and instructors in understanding and using the Common Grading Scale, the Faculty of Concordia University of Edmonton developed an extended description of grade levels in courses (table 9.3.2). Students are encouraged to discuss these guidelines with their instructors.

9.3.3 Grade Point Average

Grade points are calculated by multiplying the Grade Point Value for each grade by the number of attempted credits for the course. The Grade Point Average (GPA) is obtained by dividing the total number of grade points earned by the total number of attempted credits. Of the non-numeric Other Final Grades, only the grade of WF is calculated into the Grade Point Average.

9.3.4 Academic Standing

Program Frequency Honours Satisfactory Academic Warning Terms to Clear
Bachelor of Arts (3-year) At the conclusion of any term after which the student has attempted at least 9 credits since the last assessment GPA of at least 3.5 GPA of at least 2.0 GPA of at least 1.7 and less than 2.0 1
Bachelor of Arts (4-year) *
Bachelor of Science (3-year)
Bachelor of Science (4-year) *
Bachelor of Management *
Open Studies
Bachelor of Education (AD) At the conclusion of every Fall and Winter term GPA of at least 2.3 with no failing grades N/A 2
Bachelor of Environmental Health (AD) GPA of at least 2.7 with no grade less than C+
Table 9.3.4
* Other minimum GPA requirements apply for continuation in this program.
Refer to the program’s General Academic Requirements.

Academic standing is assessed according to the frequency and rules given in table 9.3.4. Students who wish to appeal a ruling affecting their academic standing should direct their appeal to the Dean of the Faculty in which they are enrolled. Any appeals must be received within 15 days of the initial notification of academic standing. Decision of the Dean is final.

Students earning Honours standing receive written recognition of their academic achievement and are normally eligible to continue their program of study.
Students in Satisfactory academic standing are normally eligible to continue their program of study subject to the minimum Grade Point Average requirements of their specific program. Refer to the program’s General Academic Requirements.
Students who fail to achieve Satisfactory standing are in Unsatisfactory standing. These students may be placed on Academic Warning or Academic Probation or may be required to withdraw from Concordia University of Edmonton.

9.3.5 Academic Warning and Academic Probation

Students in Unsatisfactory standing with a GPA as given in table 9.3.4 for Academic Warning and who in their previous assessment period were not on Academic Warning or Academic Probation are placed on Academic Warning. They will be notified but no academic restrictions will apply.

All other students in Unsatisfactory standing are placed on Academic Probation.

Students on Academic Warning or Academic Probation must attain Satisfactory standing in the number of consecutive terms as indicated in table 9.3.4 in order to clear Academic Warning or Academic Probation.

While on Academic Probation, students may be ineligible to participate on athletic teams or in other co-curricular activities, and may be restricted to a reduced number of credits per term. Students on Academic Probation should consult with a Registration Advisor if they have questions regarding their status and requirements.

Students in Unsatisfactory standing who in their previous assessment period were already on Academic Probation may be required to withdraw.

9.3.6 Statement of Grades

At the end of each semester, the Registrar’s Office posts final grades for completed courses and midterm grades for courses in progress through Services for Students (https://onlineservices.concordia.ab.ca/student). Academic standing is also included. Students are encouraged to contact the Registrar’s Office immediately with any concerns regarding their grades.

Services for Students is not available if students owe money or other items to Concordia University of Edmonton.

Students who require official documentation, or want a record of their academic performance and standing, must request official transcripts, section 9.4.2.