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8.3 Student Resources 2017/2018

8.3 Student Resources

8.3.1 Learning Accommodation Services

Concordia University of Edmonton provides learning accommodation services for students with disabilities who present official documentation prepared by a psychologist, psychiatrist, or medical doctor. Services for students with disabilities are designed to facilitate the accommodation process, and may include liaison with professors, administration, and outside agencies concerning in-class and examination accommodations, assistive technology, alternate format textbooks, and other recommended support services.

Since the implementation of services is a lengthy process, students are advised to contact the Student Life and Learning Office at least six weeks before classes begin to request services, complete their Individual Service Plans and apply for funding. Students are expected to apply for funding to cover the expense of some learning accommodation services (e.g., academic strategist, tutors, etc.).

Most areas of the campus are wheelchair accessible.

8.3.2 Inclusive Post-Secondary Education

Inclusive post-secondary education is a an initiative that enables students with developmental disabilities to experience success in post-secondary education through participation in Concordia University of Edmonton’s university courses, programs of study and campus life, enhancing the learning environment for all. Eligible students audit courses, enabling them to individualize their studies in order to achieve the most beneficial learning experience possible. An educational advisor works closely with students and faculty to adapt course requirements and set attainable goals. In addition to classes and participation in campus life, this year-round initiative assists students to meet their career goals through support in obtaining employment during the summer months.

8.3.3 Career Services

Concordia University of Edmonton’s Career Services provides career and employment related support for students and alumni. Career Services seeks to empower students to make informed career related decisions and to assist in the transition to and from Concordia University of Edmonton.

Career Services offers information sessions and personal advising for career development, education planning and employment success. Other services include aptitude testing, workshops, information sessions, volunteering, internships, graduate studies and international opportunities, resume writing, portfolio development, job search skills and labour market information. Career Services hosts annual Volunteer and Career Fairs and develops connections with industry and the broader community to facilitate student and graduate career development. Career Connections, accessed through Online Services, an online job posting service, is also available for students and graduates seeking employment and volunteer opportunities.

Advising is available to potential, current, and former (alumni) students of Concordia University of Edmonton. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please phone 780-378-8461 or e-mail careerservices@concordia.ab.ca. Further information and resources are available at https://concordia.ab.ca/student-services/career-services/.

8.3.4 Counselling Services

Counselling Services provides confidential support and assistance, free of charge, to current students. Students seek counselling for a variety of reasons, including personal, relational, and academic issues. Common reasons for counselling include anxiety, depression, self-esteem, relationship issues, grief and stress. Sometimes students need support from the counsellor to explore options, connect with resources, and develop a perspective that will assist them. A Counsellor is available by appointment through the Student Life and Learning Office in HA114, by phone at 780-479-9241, or email at studentlife@concordia.ab.ca. If you require immediate assistance, please contact the Distress Line at 780-482-HELP (4357).

8.3.5 Emergencies

In case of fire, disturbances, and concerns about public or personal security, students may call 780-479-8761, Concordia University of Edmonton’s 24-hour emergency contact. In the event of fire, students should activate the nearest fire alarm, call 911, and notify Security.

8.3.6 Illness and Class Absence

If students become ill, they should first contact their instructors to determine how to manage assignment deadlines and missed examinations. (Excused Absences, section 9.2.2)

Students who are unable to attend classes and unable to contact their instructors may ask the Student Life and Learning Office for assistance in contacting or communicating with their instructors concerning their absences. Official documentation is required of students who need assistance from the Student Life and Learning Office.

8.3.7 Orientation

The Student Life and Learning Office, together with the Concordia University of Edmonton Students’ Association, hosts an Orientation for new students prior to the start of the Fall and Winter semesters. The goal of the Orientation sessions is to provide new students with the opportunity to tour the campus, to meet peers and faculty, and to get information and tips on university life. All new students are encouraged to attend.

8.3.8 Tutoring and Writing Centre

The Tutoring and Writing Centre is a free service that provides support for learning through writing for all Concordia University of Edmonton students, staff and faculty. Throughout the academic year, the Tutoring and Writing Centre offers one-on-one consultations, drop-in hours, writing seminars and in-class presentations. Inquiries regarding the Writing Centre may be directed to Concordia University of Edmonton’s Learning Services Coordinator.