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Table 3.2.1.A: Classification of Alberta Grade 12 Subjects 2017/2018

With the exception of English Language Arts 30-1, Concordia University of Edmonton places Alberta Grade 12 subjects into four groups: Group A (Humanities), Group B (Fine Arts), Group C (Sciences), and Group D (Other).

Subjects presented for admission must be 5 credits in weight.

Group A (Humanities)

Social Studies 30-1
30-level Language Other than English (LOE)
Additional 30-level Language Other than English
Aboriginal Studies 30

Each of French 20S, 20N, 21, 30S, 30N, 31A, 31B or 31C, French Language Arts 20, 30, 30-1, 30-2, Français 20, 30, 30-1, 30-2, and Langue et Littérature 20 or 30 are equivalent to French 30 for admission purposes.

Applicants who have French Language Arts 30, Français 30, or Langue et Littérature 30 may be granted advanced placement.

American Sign Language 35, Arabic 35, Blackfoot Language and Culture 30, Chinese 35, Chinese Language and Culture 35, Cree 35, Cree Language and Culture 30, German 30 or 31, German Literature 35, Greek 35, Hebrew 35, Hungarian 35, Italian 30, Japanese 35, Japanese Language and Culture 30, Latin 30, Lithuanian 35, Polish 35, Portuguese 35, Russian 35, Spanish 30, Spanish 35, Swedish 35, Ukrainian 30, and Ukrainian Language Arts 20 or 30 also meet the Language Other than English requirement. Other languages may also be considered.

Group B (Fine Art)

Art 30 Music 30
Art 31 Music 35
Choral Music 30 Performing Arts 35A, B, or C
Dance 35 Communications Technology, Advanced (Course Code: SUM3003)
Drama 30 Instrumental Music 30

Equivalents of Music 30 or 31: Conservatory Canada, Grade 8 Practical and Grade 4 Theory; Royal Conservatory of Music of Toronto, Grade 8 Practical and Grade 2 Theory; Mount Royal College, Grade 8 Practical and Grade 2 Theory. Documents must be presented to Alberta Education for evaluation.

Group C (Sciences)

Mathematics 30-1 Chemistry 30
Mathematics 30-2 Computing Science, Advanced
Mathematics 31 Physics 30
Biology 30 Science 30
  • Only one of Mathematics 30-1 or Mathematics 30-2 may be used for admission.
  • Students presenting Mathematics 30-2 for admission will be required to successfully complete Concordia University of Edmonton’s Mathematics 110 if they plan to pursue first-year university calculus.
  • Transitional Mathematics 101 from Athabasca University may be presented with Applied Mathematics 30 in lieu of Pure Mathematics 30.

Group D (Other)

Course Examples:Applied Sociology 30, Experimental Psychology 30, International Politics 30, Microeconomics 30, Physical Education 30, Work Experience 35, World Religions 30, etc. Advanced Level Career and Technology Series (CTS) Course Examples: Agriculture Adv, Community Health Adv, Cosmetology Adv, Foods Adv, Legal Studies Adv, Mgmt. & Marketing Adv, etc.
  • Excludes Special Projects 30
  • Excludes all Registered Apprenticeship Programs
  • All applicable Grade 12 Group D subjects must be at the “3000” level
  • Only Advanced Level Career and Technology (CTS) courses will be considered.
  • Students using a Group D subject for admission must present either one 5-credit, two 3-credit, or any credit combination of acceptable Grade 12 Group D subjects to make up the 5-credits.