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10.1 Core Requirements 2017/2018

10.1 Core Requirements

Concordia University of Edmonton has long prided itself on the delivery of a liberal education as a solid foundation for life. The Core is designed to fulfill the Mission, Vision, and Values Framework at Concordia University of Edmonton. The Core Requirements allow flexibility for students, while offering students the opportunity to develop a wide range of knowledge.

All students in a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Management, or Bachelor of Science program must complete the Concordia University of Edmonton Core requirements as outlined. All students in a Bachelor of Arts program must complete an additional 3 credits of Fine Arts (ARTH, DAN, DRA, MUS, or MUP).

Table 10.1.1 Core Requirements
Category Learning Objectives Credits Courses that Fulfil Requirement
Humanities Understanding of English Language and Literature 6 ENG 100 or (ENG 101 or ENG 111 or ENG 120) and (ENG 102 or ENG 112 or ENG 121)
Sciences Understanding of the natural and mathematical worlds 6 Any BES, BIO, BIOCH, CH, CMPT, EAS, ENSC, IT, MAT (excluding MAT 220), or PHY courses
Social Sciences Understanding the human world 6 Any ECO, HIS, POEC, PSCI, PSY, or SOC courses
Foundational Studies: Religious Studies Understanding the role of religion, ethics, and fundamental beliefs in life 3 Any REL courses
Foundational Studies: Ethics, Philosophy or Religious Studies 3 Any PHIL, or REL courses, or ENVH532, MGT 374, MGT 474, MAT 220, PSCI 361, or PSY 305
Leadership: Communications Understanding of communication and leadership 3 Any ARTH, DAN, DRA, GERM, GRK, HEBR, LAT, MUS (excluding MUS 630 and 631), MUP, SPA, or WRI
courses, or ARAB 101, ARAB 102, [Approved by General Faculties Council on May 12, 2017] BIO 227, CHIN 101, CHIN 102, [Approved by General Faculties Council on March 10, 2017] ENSC 227, FR 101, FR 102, FR 203, FR 211, FR 212, FR 250, FR 251, FR 252, FR 372, HIS 290, MGT 310, PSY 319, PSY 332, PSY 333, PSY 405, SOC 344, or UFDN 199
Leadership: Leadership, Service, or Management 3 Any RELA courses, or BIO 480, BUS 110, DRA 325, DRA 350, DRA 383, DRA 425, DRA 450, DRA 483, ENSC 485, FIN 220, HIS 221, HRM 220, LDR 310, LDR 320, MUS 263, MUS 321, MUS 361, MUS 395 & 396, PSCI 101, PSY 486, or PSY 496