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Table 3.2.1.F: Out-of-Province High School Equiv. Chart 2016/2017

These charts refer to courses currently offered in the respective jurisdictions and is not a cumulative or historical table. For further information on other acceptable course equivalencies, contact Admissions.

Normally, only one subject from the same discipline may be presented for admission (e.g., Pure Mathematics 30 or Applied Mathematics 30; Geography 12 or History 12

English & Humanities

English Group A: Humanities
Province Language Other Than English Social Studies Other Group A Subjects
Alberta, NWT, and Nunavut English Language Arts 30-1 30-level language Social Studies 30-1 or Aboriginal Studies 30 [Approved by General Faculties Council on October 14, 2016]
British Columbia and Yukon Territory English 12, English Literature 12 (CUE will accept the higher grade between English 12 and English Literature 12 to fulfil the English 30-1 equivalent), English 12 First Peoples 12- or 12A-level language History 12 Geography 12 or Comparative, First Nation 12, Civilization 12
Saskatchewan English or English Language Arts A30 and B30 30-level language Social Studies 30, History 30, or Sciences Sociales 30 Native Studies 30 or Geography 30
Manitoba English 40S (2cr) (Applicants to CUE may present ELA 40S (1cr) for admission purposes. Applicants to CUE may present ELA: Comprehensive Focus 40S, ELA Literary Focus 40S or Transactional Focus 40S (1cr).) 40S-level language Western Civilization 40S or World Issues 40S World/Human Geography 40S
Ontario English 12U (ENG4U), Studies in Literature 12U (ETS4U) Core French, Extended French, Immersion French, International Languages-Level 4, or Native Language-Level 5 World History: The West and the World 12U or Canada: History, Identity and Culture 12U Canadian and International Law 12U, Canadian and World Issues 12U, Classical Civilizations 12U, Native Studies 12, Philosophy 12, or World Geography 12U
Quebec (two-semester courses at a CEGEP) English Literature 603 series Français 601 series, French as a 2nd language 602 series, or other language 607 to 616 series History 330 series Cultural Geography 320 series
New Brunswick English 121 or 122 French 121,122,Latin 122, or 126-level language History 121 or 122 Canadian Geography 120 or World Issues 120
Nova Scotia English 12 (Academic), English 12: African Heritage 12-level language History 12 Global Geography 12 or Global History 12
Prince Edward Island English 611 or 621 621-level language History 621
Newfoundland and Labrador English 3201 3200-level language World history 3201 World Geography 3202, World Problems 3204, or Global Issues 3205

Fine Arts & Mathematics

Group B: Fine Arts Mathematics
Province Art, Drama, Music Math (Algebra) Math (Calculus) Math (Foundations)
Alberta, NWT, and Nunavut Art 30, Art 31, Dance 35, Drama 30, Music 30, or Music 31 Pure Mathematics 30, Mathematics 30-1 Mathematics 31 Mathematics 30-2
British Columbia and Yukon Territory 12 level Acting, Art, Art Careers, Band, Choir, Dance, Drawing & Painting, String or Visual Arts Principles of Mathematics 12, Mathematics 12, Pre-Calculus 12 Calculus 12 Foundations of Mathematics 12
Saskatchewan 30-level Art, Band, Choral, Dance, Drama, Film Production, Music, Orchestra, or Visual Arts Mathematics B30 and C30, or Pre-Calculus 30 Calculus 30 Foundations of Mathematics 30
Manitoba Art 40G/S, Music 40G, 40-level Dance, or Musical Theatre 41G Precalculus Mathematics 40S Calculus 40S, Calculus 45S or Advanced Mathematics 45S n/a
Ontario Visual Arts 12U/C, Dramatic Arts 12U/C, Music 12U/C, or Dance 12U/C Advanced Functions (MHF4U) Calculus and Vectors (MCV4U) n/a
Quebec (two-semester courses at a CEGEP) Art 510 or 520, Music 550, or Drama 560 series Two of Mathematics 201-101, Mathematics 201-105, or Mathematics 201-205 Mathematics 201-103 and Mathematics 201-203 n/a
New Brunswick 121- or 122level Art, Drama, Music, Media Studies 120, or Theatre Arts 120 Advanced Mathematics with Introduction to Calculus 120 or Advanced Mathematics 120 Calculus 120 n/a
Nova Scotia Art 12, Music 12, or Theatre 12 Pre-Calculus Mathematics 12 or Advanced Mathematics 12 Calculus 12 n/a
Prince Edward Island 621-level Art, Drama, or Music Mathematics 621 (Algebra) Mathematics 611 (Calculus) n/a
Newfoundland and Labrador Art History 3202, Art and Design 3200, Grade 12 Drama, Choral Performance 3103, or Instrumental Performance 3104 Mathematics 3204, 3205, or 3207 n/a


Mathematics courses in the `Other Group C Subjects’ column cannot be used to fulfil prerequisite requirements for university-level mathematics courses.

Group C: Sciences
Province Biology Chemistry Physics Other Group C Subjects
Alberta, NWT, and Nunavut Biology 30 Chemistry 30 Physics 30 Applied Mathematics 30, Science 30, Communication Technology, Advanced
British Columbia and Yukon Territory Biology 12 Chemistry 12 Physics 12 Applications of Math 12, Geometry 12, Geology 12, Probability & Statistics 12, ICT Computer Programming 12
Saskatchewan Biology 30 Chemistry 30 Physics 30 Math A30 and B30, Computer Science 30
Manitoba Biology 40S Chemistry 40S Physics 40S Applied Mathematics 40S, Computer Science 40S
Ontario Biology 12U Chemistry 12U Physics 12U Earth and Space Science 12U, Science 12U, Mathematics and Data Management 12U
Quebec (two-semester courses at a CEGEP) Biology 101 series Chemistry 202 series Physics 203 series Physical Geography 320 series
New Brunswick Biology 121 or 122 Chemistry 121 or 122 Physics 121 or 122 Trigonometry and 3-Space 121 or 122
Nova Scotia Biology 12 Chemistry 12 Physics 12 Statistics 12, Geology 12
Prince Edward Island Biology 611 or 621 Chemistry 611 or 621 Physics 621 n/a
Newfoundland and Labrador Biology 3201 Chemistry 2302 Physics 3204 Geology 3203, Earth Systems 3209