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Psychology — 3-year 2023/2024

8. Psychology

24–30 credits required, to include:
Foundation Courses:
  1. PSY 104 (Basic Psychological Processes) and PSY 105 (Individual and Social Behaviour)
Statistics and Methods:
  1. PSY 211 (Statistical Methods for Psychological Research) or equivalent with a minimum grade of C- (MAT 151 (Introduction to Statistical Methods) and SOC 210 (Introduction to Social Statistics) are acceptable equivalents). The Psychology Department strongly recommends PSY 211 (Statistical Methods for Psychological Research).
  2. PSY 319 (Research Designs and Intermediate Statistical Methods in Psychology)
  1. One of PSY 405 (Special Topics: History and Systems of Psychology) or PSY 406 (Special Topics: Language and Culture) or PSY 407 (Special Topics: Economic Psychology) or PSY 408 (Special Topics: Nature and Well-being) or PSY 409 (Special Topics: Self, Identity, and Subjectivity) or PSY 410 (Special Topics: Comparative Cognition)
  1. 9–15 credits of unspecified senior-level PSY courses
In addition to the above, students must complete:
  1. 6 credits of ENG courses.
  2. 6 credits of courses in the Faculty of Science.
In addition to the above, students must present:
  1. AIT 100 (Undergraduate Academic Integrity Training)
Permissible minors:
All minors listed in section 10.6 other than Psychology.

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