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8.6 Applicant Conduct 2022/2023

8.6 Applicant Conduct

Individuals applying to study at Concordia are expected to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the attitude and behaviour expected of Concordia students. Individuals who are interested in applying to study at Concordia should familiarize themselves with the standards for student conduct set out in section 8.7 of the Academic Calendar.

Among other things, Concordia does not tolerate any behaviour that threatens the safety or well-being of any member of the Concordia community, including staff members who deal directly with applicants and prospective applicants. Such behaviour includes discrimination, intimidation, coercion, excessive swearing, fighting, yelling at staff or others, harassing emails, verbal or other abuse, etc.

A staff member who believes an applicant (or anyone acting on an applicant’s behalf) is engaging in any such behaviour may immediately end communications with that individual and report their behaviour to the Assistant Registrar, Admissions. The applicant will be required to speak to the Assistant Registrar, Admissions before he or she will be allowed to continue the application process.

The Assistant Registrar, Admissions may decide to issue a warning to the applicant and allow him or her to continue with the application process, or may decide to rescind any current offer of admission received by the applicant, cancel any existing registration and/or refuse to consider applications for admission to Concordia for a specified period of time. The decision will be noted in the applicant’s file and the applicant will be notified of the decision using the most recent contact information provided by the applicant to Concordia.

The applicant may make a written request to the Associate Registrar, Admissions to reconsider this decision, setting out the reasons why the applicant believes a different decision would be more appropriate. The Associate Registrar, Admissions’ decision upon reconsideration shall be final.