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13.5.1 Graduate Certificate in Educational Leadership 2022/2023

13.5.1 Graduate Certificate in Educational Leadership

The Graduate Certificate in Educational Leadership (GCEL) consists of a suite of four courses designed to support Alberta Education’s leadership certification requirements. The courses help aspiring educational leaders develop their knowledge, understanding and competencies related to the Leadership Quality Standard and the Superintendent Leadership Quality Standard approved by Alberta Education. The courses are provided in flexible online synchronous and asynchronous formats and are designed for the working educational professional.

While this program is nominally a course-based 12-credit 8-month (2 terms, 6 credits per term) program, it is normally completed on a part-time basis over 12 months.

This program is not open to international students.

A. Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the certificate students will:

  • Demonstrate and apply the principles of educational leadership as outlined by Alberta Education’s Leadership Quality
  • Demonstrate and apply the principles of educational leadership as outlined by Alberta Education’s Superintendent Leadership Quality Standard
  • Synthesize and apply educational leadership research and articles in local educational contexts

B. Admission Requirements

To be considered for admission, applicants must, in addition to the requirements for admission to the Faculty of Graduate Studies as stated in section 13.1.1.A, be prepared to present the following minimum requirements:

  1. Bachelor of Education degree or a Bachelor of Education (After Degree) or its equivalent from a recognized institution.
  2. A copy of a valid teaching certificate issued by a provincial, state or national certifying body.

C. General Academic Requirements

  1. Students must successfully complete 12 course credits in the program. 9 of these credits must be earned at Concordia University of Edmonton, i.e. at most 3 credits can be completed through transfer credit and/or course exemption.
  2. Students must maintain a minimum grade point average of 3.0 with no course grade less than 2.3 (C+). Students who do not maintain satisfactory standing may be placed on academic probation or be required to withdraw from the program.

For further information, please see Academic Schedule, section 2.0, Graduate Admission, section 13.1.1, Student Life, section 8.0, and Academic Regulations, section 9.0.

D. Program Requirements

  1. 12 credits required, to include:
    1. EDUC652 (Public Education Systems and their Historical Roots in Canada) or EDUC691 (Leadership in Education for Reconciliation I) [Approved by the Faculty Council of the Faculty of Education on August 15th, 2022]
    2. EDUC680 (Introduction to Educational Leadership)
    3. EDUC685 (Principal Leadership Development)
    4. EDUC690 (Superintendent Leadership Development)
  2. achieve a minimum overall GPA of 3.0 in the required courses.
  3. complete the program within 4 years.

E. Graduation Requirements

Students graduate on one of the three degree-conferral dates following successful completion of their program requirements as well as the general program requirements of The Faculty of Graduate Studies, section 13.1.4. For further information about graduation requirements, see Graduation Requirements, section 13.1.5.